Winter Hawk

By Hamster

The US military has developed AI drones and has lost control of the technology. No one is safe. Watch the video and read this harrowing account by our newest correspondent, Hamster: WINTER HAWK.


By Porcupine

Is the US military choosing sides in South Sudan’s civil war and have they allied with Russia in the process? Why is oil heiress Gabriella Prime pretending to be an aid worker in the war-torn country? Is she up to her old tricks and cutting a deal for her dad’s oil company? See this exclusive video Porcupine captured while on assignment in South Sudan. Read this exclusive by Porcupine: CATALYST.

Covert Evidence

By Beaver

Does the CIA have a secret network of tunnels in the Middle East? Are they working with Turkish Kurds to aid Kurdish rebels in Syria or are they working against them? You be the judge. See the covert video and read the story here: COVERT EVIDENCE.

Body of Evidence

By Mouse

Is US Attorney Curt Dominick sleeping with his star witness? Security camera footage could destroy his case against Vice President Andrew Stevens. Watch the video and read the story here: BODY of EVIDENCE.

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By Porcupine

Are Green Berets being sent to fight for the rebels in Yemen? Who is our real enemy? Porcupine finishes his four-part series on covert US military operations in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Watch the video and read the exclusive: INFERNO.


By Porcupine

US expands military presence in Djibouti, but at what cost? Was a drone strike against a “warlord” merely cover to remove Chinese rivals? Porcupine goes undercover for a RATinformant exclusive: TINDERBOX.

Poison Evidence

By Beaver

What surveillance technology did Russia lose in Palauan waters and why is the US Navy so eager to find it? Has the Defense Intelligence Agency been compromised by Russian spies? Read the full story here: POISON EVIDENCE.

Incriminating Evidence

By Mouse/Squirrel

Government Cover Up! What really happened to Senate candidate and former Army Ranger Alec Ravissant during the hours he went missing in the Alaskan wilderness? Could he be a Manchurian Candidate? Security camera video sheds light on mind control tests conducted within the Raptor compound. Watch the video and read the story: INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE.

Concrete Evidence

By Gopher

Is Senator Joseph Talon violating Senate ethics rules and sending government contracts to his engineering firm? Have Talon & Drake employees looted artifacts from Iraq? Click here for the full story: CONCRETE EVIDENCE.

Midnight Sun

by Squirrel

Is a tribal historic preservation officer in the Arctic Circle selling artifacts and blaming it on thieves? Did he fake an attempt on his life to cover his crime or is he an innocent victim? Read the full story: MIDNIGHT SUN.

Silent Evidence

By Squirrel

Cover up! Remains of over two dozen people found in a drained reservoir run by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Is it really an old burial ground, or is something more sinister at play? And what is Senator Alec Ravissant’s involvement? Squirrel infiltrated Ravissant’s organization for this exclusive look: SILENT EVIDENCE.


By Porcupine

The CIA is up to their old tricks in DR Congo…are they trying to overthrow the government in a grab for mineral rights? Porcupine takes a deep dive into the Congo River here: FIRESTORM.

Cold Evidence

By Squirrel

Why is the US Navy excavating a submarine that sank during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Did the US lose a live nuke in our own waters? Exclusive video from the underwater excavation that the Navy doesn’t want you to see: Exclusive Video. Read the story here: COLD EVIDENCE.

Withholding Evidence

By Muskrat

What is the Pentagon hiding about the assassination of a UN Force commander in Somalia? Is the US military conducting a covert war on the UN? Read the RATinformant exclusive here: WITHHOLDING EVIDENCE.

Grave Danger

By Chipmunk

Is a Northwest police chief sleeping with his prime suspect? Did he help cover up a crime defrauding a Native American tribe of millions? RATinformant Chipmunk delves deep into the power held by small town governments and their police chiefs. Click here for the full story: GRAVE DANGER.