The Weekly Recap – Short and Sweet

The Weekly Recap – Short and Sweet


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The Weekly Recap – June 17

The Weekly Recap – June 17

Today is the last day of school! I say this with mixed feelings — I’m glad my kids get to have the joy of summer vacation. To me, the greatest gift of summer is having so much time one can actually feel bored. Boredom led me to books and well…the result is clear. Of course, I can’t imagine being bored now. I miss being bored.

Today I was asked by one of my son’s teachers to provide a quote to justify a grant received for a field trip to Chinatown/International District in Seattle, to visit the setting for HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET by Jamie Ford. This is what I sent:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.25.17 AM

This is a cause dear to my heart. The basic fundamental truth: we need to know our history and recognize the horror, or we will repeat it. Especially now, with talk of building border walls and banning Muslims from emigrating, or rounding up Muslims and forcing them to live in new internment camps. As an author, I want to write books that are sexy and fun, but as an informed human, I include things like Indian Boarding Schools in the storyline for CONCRETE EVIDENCE. Because that really happened.

Stop for a moment and think about it: prior to WWII internment camps, we stole children from their homes and tried to erase their ethnic identity. And then we praised ourselves our humanitarianism in committing such an atrocity.

It’s scary how many Americans don’t know about the boarding schools. How many Americans were taught –as I was– that Manifest Destiny was GREAT! While it was really justification for racism that included the tenant of “killing the Indian and saving the man”.

This has been a hard week and one word hints at the pain and heartache: Orlando. I’m sick about this hate crime, about all hate crimes. All I want to do is look at kitten pictures on the web, but when I do that, nothing changes, so I donated money to the candidate who I believe can create the change I want to see, and I called my senators during the ground-breaking filibuster.

I have a lot of good things that are going on in my life, things that I could and should post here, but they can wait until next week’s recap, when I’ll return to being my lighthearted self. For now, here is a cat picture.

two cats sit on fence and rainbow




The Weekly Recap – RAGT16, an Archaeological Find, and the Post of the Week

The Weekly Recap – RAGT16, an Archaeological Find, and the Post of the Week

Do you live near Cincinnati? Come visit me at #RAGT16!

Lori Foster’s Annual Reader & Author Get Together is this weekend!

Toni Anderson-Author Page and I have teamed up to give away books to every attendee at Saturday’s luncheon AND we’re doing a raffle giveaway of an Kobo Aura H2O along with other bathtub goodies!

If you’re going to be near Cincinnati today or Saturday, Toni and I are both signing books at the book fairs, which are open to the public. Details here:

Hope to see you there!!!




And in Archaeology News…..

Fascinating finds off the coast of Israel!  The article  is a very interesting one.

Two recreational divers in Israel recently stumbled upon one of the greatest caches of artifacts from antiquity ever discovered. The recovered treasures include bronze statues of ancient Roman deities and coins bearing the face of Constantine the Great.



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The Weekly Recap – a Trip, a Winner and Wounded Warriors

The Weekly Recap – a Trip, a Winner and Wounded Warriors


I ran a way to Canada last week with Gwen Hayes to work on Poison Evidence, and since we were taking the ferry to Victoria, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of COLD EVIDENCE while on the boat. It was way too windy for me to pose at the railing though, so it’s just the book and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.



Do you like Scorching Hot Medievals?


You’re in luck!  Kris Kennedy released CLAIMING HER, and re-released DEFIANT, last week so if you love scorching hot medievals, these books are not to be missed.

Check out the review of CLAIMING HER over at Smexybooks:



The photographer Michael Stokes is famous for his photographs of male models, but he also takes incredible shots of wounded warriors.  He has a calendar available on his website.  For an incredible video clip compilation of his photos of warriors, click the link below:


Congratulations to Mary A.!

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Withholding Evidence by Rachel Grant
Her Firefighter SEAL by Anne Marsh
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Hero Of My Heart by Teresa Hill
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