The Weekly Recap – 5/28/21

The Weekly Recap – 5/28/21

DANGEROUS GROUND in Publishers Weekly

I am so thrilled that DANGEROUS GROUND (Fiona Carver Series Book 1) received a starred review from Publishers Weekly!

“This page-turning romance is headed for many a keeper shelf.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

In the remote and unpredictable Aleutians, danger comes without warning in an adrenaline rush of a novel by USA Today bestselling author Rachel Grant.

Archaeologist Fiona Carver has unfinished business in the Aleutian Islands. After an emergency evacuation cut her first expedition short, she’s finally back. But time is not on her side as she races to finish documenting the remnants of a prehistoric village, recover missing artifacts, and track down missing volcanologist Dylan Slater.

Having bluffed his way onto Fiona’s team with fake credentials, wildlife photographer Dean Slater is willing to risk more than federal prison to find his missing brother, but he needs Fiona’s help. She knows the inhospitable terrain better than anyone.

When the two set out together on a perilous journey, it becomes more than a recovery mission. In their fight for survival, nature isn’t the only threat. They aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Mile by dangerous mile, someone is hunting them.

PreOrder Today! Release Date is August 17, 2021.

A FREE Book for you!

Lori Ryan’s NORI’S DELTA is FREE this week only!

He won’t lose her again…?
?Delta Operative Heath “Woof” Davis has spent years living on the edge. Protecting a State Department official is just another assignment until he discovers that Eleanor Bonham is Nori Duncan, the one that got away. He can protect her from enemy forces in the Republic of Kazarus, but can he defend his heart from the woman who used to be his everything?
She’s not going to fall for a soldier boy…
High school was a long time ago, and Eleanor is no longer the heartbroken girl who ended things with Heath. She doesn’t have time for love, not if she’s going to rise in the ranks at State Department. But Heath is even more handsome than he was back then, and his years in the military have honed him into a man completely unlike the boy she once knew. With his sights set on her, how can she resist?
The mission in Kazarus is as important as it is dangerous. Eleanor and Heath will need to rely on one another if they are going to see the mission through. But will they be able to overcome past pain for the hope of a future?

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Rachel Recommends – 2 New Releases!

There’s a new release by J. Kenner writing as Julie Kenner with all the covers in the series designed by my daughter! Click on the image to visit the series page on Julie’s website for more links, and while you’re there, check out ALL of Julie’s amazing books!


Serena Bell is one of my favorite people AND favorite authors, and she has a wonderful new release!! This steamy escape to the great outdoors is a wonderful way to kick off your summer reading this weekend!!

She’s a city girl. I’m a mountain man. This shouldn’t work. So why can’t I stay away? ?
?Gabe: From the moment Lucy ropes me into saving the ducklings, I can’t keep my eyes–or hands–off her. Until I find out she’s the consultant hired to revamp our family outdoor adventure business. It’s her job to help us win over Rush Creek’s new tourists, who come to our small town for the spas and weddings. If Lucy gets her way, Wilder Adventures will become Wilder Romantic Adventures.
Now my rowdy crew of brothers and I are stuck showing her the town we love and the mountains we know like the back of our hands. But Lucy hates small towns, getting messy, and anything involving the woods or the water. Even the Wilder brothers’ charm might not be enough to change her mind. Though I’m giving it my best shot. I never knew how hot a campfire could get, or how much I’d love sharing my tent.

Pretty soon, I’m in over my head. And even though I know no one can talk a city girl into small town life, I’m still trying. ?
?She’s driving me wild. All I can do is make her wilder.

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You can PreOrder BROKEN FALCON!

I’m excited to share that Broken Falcon is now available for presale! The release date listed is in December, but it will be moved up–probably to late July–as soon as the first round of copyedits are complete.

Falcon Graphic
Did you know? My daughter is a design major in her junior year of college. Recently, she made this falcon graphic for my BROKEN FALCON cover!

Chase Johnston is leading a double life. After two years of psychological torment, the quiet, highly skilled Raptor operative now has a darker side, and he’s hellbent on bringing sex-traffickers to justice—using any means necessary. The only relief he finds for his troubled mind is a woman he’ll never meet in person.

Eden O’Keeffe is also leading a double life. By day she’s a grad student and barista, but at night she sits in front of a camera and provides companionship for those seeking entertainment, titillation, or simple conversation. She enjoys the freedom of being a siren online, but her secret career comes with risks that force her to hide her true identity at all costs.

When Chase walks into a coffee shop and comes face to face with the one person who makes him feel again, it seems his long nightmare may be coming to an end. But in entering Eden’s world, he’s bringing that nightmare—and the danger that comes with it—to her doorstep.?

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The Weekly Recap – 5/3/19

The Weekly Recap – 5/3/19

A $50 Amazon Giveaway celebrating the Flashpoint Series Boxset!

??? $50 Amazon GIVEAWAY ???
Celebrating Flashpoint Series Collection ???

4 pulse-pounding, edge of your seat, steamy military thrillers! Get the first 3 books in the series—all named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of the Year—plus a never-before-published novella for only 99¢!

To enter the giveaway, simply visit my Facebook page or click on the image below, and comment on the post!


The adventure heats up in TINDERBOX, when an archaeologist races across the desert to seek protection at a US military base and is saved from an explosion by a solder who kindles a different kind of fire. Temperatures rise further in CATALYST, when an American aid worker is abducted and her only hope for rescue is the Green Beret she once wronged. In FIRESTORM, a CIA operator and Special Forces soldier set off to stop a coup and find a conspiracy that could ignite all of Africa, while in INFERNO, government relations have reached the flashpoint, and a diplomat and Green Beret must work together to douse the flames.

***Inferno will be priced at $2.99 when it is released as a stand-alone ebook in late June.***

99¢ Now:

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My Interview at Frolic

If you want to know more about me and my books, check out this interview at Frolic!



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As if man buns weren’t controversial enough, now there are CLIP-ON man buns!



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The Weekly Recap – 1/11/19

The Weekly Recap – 1/11/19


.01The man of her fantasies is finally hers. Sort of…

Two things haunt forensic anthropologist Hazel MacLeod: the bones of victims of genocide she examines for her work, and former SEAL Sean Logan’s rejection. But within days of moving to her cousin’s estate to take a much needed break, she finds herself faced with both.

First, she’s called in to examine a mass grave in Virginia, then, her politician cousin receives a threatening letter and insists Hazel needs around the clock protection–from none other than Sean Logan. To make matters worse, because the threat to her is classified, Hazel and Sean must pretend to be lovers to hide that he’s her bodyguard.

Sean has spent years trying to avoid his boss’s sexy cousin, but now he’s guarding her twenty-four seven and even bringing her as his date to a romantic destination wedding. As the heat between them intensifies, Sean can’t lose sight of the danger that brought them together. But when bullets start flying, new questions arise. Are the senator’s political rivals really behind the threat, or is someone trying to silence Hazel from speaking for the dead?

“This is the thinking reader’s romantic suspense, and it’s dynamite.” – USA TODAY

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Flashpoint Series is a Best Pick of 2018!

Linda, a reviewer at the Reading Between the Wines Book Club, has named the Audible versions of the Flashpoint Series as one of her Best Picks of 2018! I’m thrilled, as I think the narrator,  Greg Tremblay is incredible.



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A New Release from Cristin Harber

I can’t wait to read Cristin’s latest release!


A man loses the woman he intends to marry.

A woman loses her best friend.

Retired Army Captain Liam Brosnan and US Marshal Chelsea Kilpatrick are forced to question what they know about a murder that forces them together. Uncertain connections from Liam’s military career rope them into a cloak-and-dagger investigation that offers more questions than answers.

Being duty-bound while in the throes of grief is a dangerous mixture. They struggle with unexpected sparks of passion and question their loyalty to a woman they loved while a murderer closes in on his next target.

Will the explosive solace Liam and Chelsea find in one another lead to a love neither expected? Or will it blind them to looming danger and death?

THE SAVIOR is a standalone romantic suspense novel.



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Nature is weird and wonderful!

You never know what you’ll find on my Facebook page!




The Weekly Recap – 12/21/18

The Weekly Recap – 12/21/18

Kirkus Reviews Selected CATALYST and FIRESTORM as Best Books of 2018

What a week!   ?????? So this happened!!!
??2 Books named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2018!!!??

Kirkus Reviews named both Catalyst and Firestorm to their Best Books of 2018 list!  Tinderbox was named to the 2017 list.


For more details about FIRESTORM visit –

F0r more details about CATALYST visit –

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Check out the trilogy in which ALL THREE books have been named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books!


Tinderbox Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2017
Catalyst Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2018
Firestorm Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2018

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The Grant Gingerbread Houses 2018


And the finished creation!



The Weekly Giveaway

This week I gave away a $25 Amazon #giftcard to help with your holiday shopping!

Be sure to check my Facebook page for future giveaways!






The man of her fantasies is finally hers. Sort of…

Two things haunt forensic anthropologist Hazel MacLeod: the bones of victims of genocide she examines for her work, and former SEAL Sean Logan’s rejection. But within days of moving to her cousin’s estate to take a much needed break, she finds herself faced with both.

First, she’s called in to examine a mass grave in Virginia, then, her politician cousin receives a threatening letter and insists Hazel needs around the clock protection—from none other than Sean Logan. To make matters worse, because the threat to her is classified, Hazel and Sean must pretend to be lovers to hide that he’s her bodyguard.

Sean has spent years trying to avoid his boss’s sexy cousin, but now he’s guarding her twenty-four/seven and even bringing her as his date to a romantic destination wedding. As the heat between them intensifies, Sean can’t lose sight of the danger that brought them together. But when bullets start flying, new questions arise. Are the senator’s political rivals really behind the threat, or is someone trying to silence Hazel from speaking for the dead?

You can preorder SILENT EVIDENCE here:

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The photos in this article about DR Congo are stunning!




The Weekly Recap – 9/14/18

The Weekly Recap – 9/14/18



If you haven’t read Incriminating Evidence you can still get it for only $0.99 through the 17th! Buy the Kindle version and get the Whispersync audio narrated by Nicol Zanzarella for only $1.99!

If you follow me on Facebook, I probably don’t need to tell you that Alec, the hero of Incriminating Evidence, is a reader favorite. I’ve been listening to the audiobook for a refresher because he plays a big role in Evidence #8, and have been enjoying the little moments of tenderness as he falls hard for Isabel.

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Grant Family Adventures – Camping Edition!

My family went camping this weekend, but there is a burn ban in our area, so we brought along a gas fire pit. We couldn’t roast marshmallows, but we didn’t mind because the fire was plenty entertaining without burning sugar…[0]=68.ARDGOuyHfKN6wZ-Olq3pG5caEdKZIzKSUgbCKrtyRF5hHYDJGxMg6WUHdsWwEWTNtKg8U-cHfExMfw3JUOMHwSYksVF5lAUb07D14-BFa-3i9Das-OXGjnPA67M7I6GC23g1Gnl06gtOJY836Qf7Pv2dzkb8u0ndItDnfnCaxh7p1s2TdMyE&__tn__=-R



FIRESTORM Featured in Kirkus Reviews Magazine!

So this is cool…Firestorm’s review was featured in Kirkus Reviews 9/1 issue!

Read the full review here:


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Darcy Burke Cover Reveal

I LOVE Darcy Burke‘s Legendary Rogues series!! (I *might* have gotten to help plot some of these.) I can’t wait for this one!  On September 13th Darcy revealed the beautiful cover for  CAPTIVATING THE SCOUNDREL, the fourth book in her Legendary Rogues Series, on the USA Today Happy Ever After blog!

It releases January 29th – which gives you time to catch up on the first three books in the Legendary Rogues Series!


Daphne Foliot has always known she’ll be married off to a man who, like her, descended from one of King Arthur’s fabled knights. That doesn’t mean she wants to be, even if it is her beloved father’s wish. Raised without a mother, she owes everything to the man who encouraged and funded her education and supports her dream of becoming the first female member of the Order of the Round Table. But when she suspects her chosen husband is a traitor to the Order, she plans to expose his treachery, regardless of their extraordinary mutual attraction.

Heir to the thirteen treasures of Britain, Gideon Kersey vows to do anything to protect his family’s legacy from a secret society bent on exploiting the items for personal gain, including marry a woman he doesn’t love. Except she ignites a passion he was certain died with his first wife, and when the truth behind the Order’s objectives threatens everything Daphne knows, Gideon must fight to save her—and any future they hope to share.

Find out more at





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was a poll!  It’s not too late to share your opinion – join in the fun!







The Weekly Recap – 8/3/18

The Weekly Recap – 8/3/18

EVIDENCE 4-6 Boxset is just 99c!

Sale ends Sunday August 5th.



Three sexy, high-octane political thrillers where archaeology, espionage, and war collide.

Evidence Series Box Set Vol 1: Books 4-6 only $0.99!
(Reg. $12.99)

The adventure begins in Incriminating Evidence when archaeologist Isabel Dawson stumbles upon an unconscious man deep in the Alaskan wilderness. It continues in Covert Evidence as Cressida Porter becomes a pawn for the CIA in Eastern Turkey, and it explodes in the frigid waters of the Pacific Northwest as underwater archaeologist Undine Gray reunites with the SEAL she once wronged to stop the Cold War from reigniting in Cold Evidence.





All 3 FLASHPOINT books for $9 at KOBO!

Kobo is having an amazing sale – 3 books for $9!  Sale ends August 8th.

Readers can get the entire FLASHPOINT series for $9 – including new release FIRESTORM. It’s a coupon sale – readers must pick three books (any three books) from the sale to get each for $3.






A New Release Spotlight

Victoria Helen Stone has a new release!


“Stone does a masterful job of creating in Jane a complex character, making her both scary and more than a little appealing…This beautifully balanced thriller will keep readers tense, surprised, pleased, and surprised again as a master manipulator unfolds her plan of revenge.”  —  Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

A double life with a single purpose: revenge.

Jane’s days at a Midwest insurance company are perfectly ordinary. She blends in well, unremarkably pretty in her floral-print dresses and extra efficient at her low-level job. She’s just the kind of woman middle manager Steven Hepsworth likes—meek, insecure, and willing to defer to a man. No one has any idea who Jane really is. Least of all Steven.

But plain Jane is hiding something. And Steven’s bringing out the worst in her.
Nothing can distract Jane from going straight for his heart: allowing herself to be seduced into Steven’s bed, to insinuate herself into his career and his family, and to expose all his dirty secrets. It’s time for Jane to dig out everything that matters to Steven. So she can take it all away.

Just as he did to her.

Grab it while it’s only $1.99!

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FIRESTORM is available on Audible!


Listen to the First Chapter – click on the SOUNDCLOUD icon below:

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Interview with Greg Tremblay and a Giveaway at AudioGals!

Greg Tremblay, the FLASHPOINT Series narrator (who does a fantastic job!) was recently interviewed by the AudioGals.  Click the link below to read the full interview, and to enter the giveaway to win one of two Audible download codes for FIRESTORM!



FIRESTORM – A+ from AudioGals!


I’m thrilled that AudioGals gave FIRESTORM an A+ review rating!  You can read the entire review by clicking the link above or simply click on the FIRESTORM cover.

Here’s a snippet of the review:

” …utterly compelling and perfectly paced, with plenty of high-stakes drama, action sequences and steamy love scenes. Cal and Savvy have incredible chemistry and their relationship is brilliantly developed; both are guarded, in spite of their burning mutual attraction, and I loved listening to them gradually working through their issues and learning to trust one another emotionally as well they do when it comes to kicking enemy butt. Ms. Grant never fails to impress me with the quality of her research, her knowledge of the politics of the region, and the seamless way she incorporates them into her stories; I never feel as though I’m being subjected to a lesson, and her books always make me want to find out more…

Lock the doors, switch off the phone and tell everyone you’re out of town for a few days, because once you’ve started listening to Firestorm, you won’t be able to stop.”



Fried Pickles and Interviews

I was delighted to be interviewed by Dabney from All About Romance recently at #RWA18 in Denver.  I always enjoy catching up with Dabney at conferences, and this year was even more fun than usual!


To find out why there’s a photo of fried pickle chips, and to read the entire interview, click here:


Girlfriends Day was August 1st


To celebrate National Girlfriends day, I shared a photo on my Facebook page taken two weeks ago at RWA. These are my besties, Elisabeth Naughton and Darcy Burke. I’ve known Darcy since we finaled in the Golden Heart together 10 years ago, and Elisabeth since we were introduced by another GH sister in 2011. Now they are my plotting/writing/momming and all around adulting go-to gals. ??????
#thickasthieves #theyknowswherethebodiesare




The Weekly Recap – 7/27/18

The Weekly Recap – 7/27/18

FIRESTORM has a Kirkus Star!

I am so honored that FIRESTORM received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews!  All three books in the FLASHPOINT SERIES (TINDERBOX, CATALYST, and FIRESTORM) have received a Kirkus Starred review.

From Kirkus ReviewsGrant expertly braids together action and romance in a propulsive, page-turning suspense thriller. ….. The intricate, tightly plotted story takes James and Callahan deep into the Congo as they pursue a dictator and the person responsible for blowing James’ cover. Grant deftly connects the central narrative with characters and events from previous installments while keeping the narrative lively and fast-paced.

Another impeccably crafted installment that will satisfy fans.

Read the entire review at:

Purchase FIRESTORM at:

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A Space Kitten Video!

My son made a video of our kitten, Malala, in her spaceship, as one does. Enjoy Malala’s adventure on Earth and beyond!



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Tonight (7/27/18) is a special occurrence – a blood moon and the longest total lunar eclipse of the century!




The Weekly Recap – 1/19/18

The Weekly Recap – 1/19/18

A KOBO Boxset Deal

Grab EVIDENCE Vol. 2 for 99c


Want to get Incriminating Evidence, Covert Evidence, AND Cold Evidence for only $0.99?! Evidence Series Box Set Vol 2 is on sale at Kobo until Jan 22nd. Regularly priced at $12.99, this set has never been priced this low–and isn’t likely to be discounted again anytime soon. Grab it while you can!



A 5 Star Review for CATALYST Audiobook

Thank you to Linda and Reading Between The Wines Book Club for their 5 Wine Glass Review of the CATALYST Audiobook, narrated by the fabulous Greg Tremblay/Boudreaux Voice Actor.


“Catalyst by Rachel Grant is a wild ride from the starting gate. Don’t expect it to let up from there as the momentum of this roller coaster ride does not ease until the final paragraphs. ……….

“If you enjoy riveting edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense set in exotic locales with excellently-plotted intricate storylines, I’d highly encourage you to check out Catalyst!”

Read the full review at





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A New Release




Half-human, half-Kindred, Luc Lazare doesn’t want more complications in his life. He’s focused on protecting his shapeshifting family and love is the last distraction he needs.

Skye Cross has the ability to talk to animals. Her most recent animal rescue mission–stopping an alleged dog fight–actually involved shifters in a primal battle. Her investigation leads her to Luc, a man whose powers both unsettle and intrigue her. Skye quickly finds herself caught in a dangerous world she never knew existed, while relying on a man she couldn’t possibly trust.

Coming from two different worlds, can Luc and Skye overcome the obstacles fated to keep them apart?

Find out more about Patricia Rosemoor at her website:

or follow her on Facebook at:


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We do love our coffee!