Bidding ends Tonight!

BIDDING ENDS TONIGHT! Bidding closes on the Ukrainian-style Easter Egg Auction to Raise Funds for UNHCR tonight at 6:00pm Pacific. All winning bids will be paid directly to UNHCR for their Ukrainian relief program! Auction is managed through

About Our Auction: A pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist method. The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, “to write” or “to inscribe,” as the designs are not painted on, but written with beeswax.

All eggs up for auction were hand inscribed and dyed by artist and designer Jocelyn Grant (not of Ukrainian descent) using the pysanky method. Some eggs have elements of the traditional Ukrainian designs.

Fiona Carver is a Kindle Monthly Deal!

Both DANGEROUS GROUND and CRASH SITE are only $1.99 in the US and Canada for the month of April!


In the remote and unpredictable Aleutians, danger comes without warning in an adrenaline rush of a novel by USA Today bestselling author Rachel Grant.

Archaeologist Fiona Carver has unfinished business in the Aleutian Islands. After an emergency evacuation cut her first expedition short, she’s finally back. But time is not on her side as she races to finish documenting the remnants of a prehistoric village, recover missing artifacts, and track down missing volcanologist Dylan Slater.

Having bluffed his way onto Fiona’s team with fake credentials, wildlife photographer Dean Slater is willing to risk more than federal prison to find his missing brother, but he needs Fiona’s help. She knows the inhospitable terrain better than anyone.

When the two set out together on a perilous journey, it becomes more than a recovery mission. In their fight for survival, nature isn’t the only threat. They aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Mile by dangerous mile, someone is hunting them.


For archaeologist Fiona Carver, the Caribbean glistens with untold menace in a heart-racing novel by Rachel Grant, USA Today bestselling author of Dangerous Ground.

Fiona Carver has landed a dream assignment: conducting an archaeological inventory of Ruby Island, a privately owned, pristine gem in the Caribbean. Two months in paradise exploring and mapping a lush rain forest, vast caves, and a seventeenth-century star fort and following up on legends of hidden Spanish gold. Add a simmering reunion with wildlife photographer Dean Slater and it’s enough to take Fiona’s breath away. But the sparkle fades when Dean’s arrival is met with sudden, terrifying danger.

Reunited and determined to see the project through, Fiona and Dean find themselves in a swirl of intrigue as they delve into the complex history of the unspoiled refuge, now a tropical haven for billionaires and their secrets. But the work isn’t easy, as someone appears determined to kill the project—by any means necessary.

As betrayal casts tropical storm clouds over Ruby Island and treasured friendships dissolve into distrust, one thing becomes clear: Fiona and Dean are trapped in a dangerous paradise.



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