The Weekly Recap – 2/7/20

The Weekly Recap – 2/7/20

The RAT Informant Website

My RATinformant  website has been updated (finally!)  The site is a parody website, based on the fictional website “,” which plays a role in my book, WITHHOLDING EVIDENCE.


I hope you visit it and look around!


An RWA Update

I also have an update for you regarding RWA – I posted it to the RWA Discussion Forum and am also sharing it with you here:

To me, the worst part about RWA going away isn’t the loss of my dream of winning a RITA (although I will miss that dream, and I know for many that dream was nearly impossible due to racism), nor is it missing the conference, which was one of my favorite events of the year. I won’t miss National because there are other conferences like RAM to fill that void. For me, the worst part is that no other writers’ organization welcomes unpublished authors like RWA did.

I joined RWA in March 2005. I didn’t publish until April 2013. In those 8 years, RWA was vital to me in learning craft and the business and making friends. I found a mentor through RWA. Literally all of my closest writing friends, critique partners, and beta readers I either met directly because of RWA or I can trace our meeting back to an RWA origin. Through RWA I learned how to write a query letter. How to pitch in person. I finaled in the Golden Heart 4 times. A week after the 2011 conference, the year I double finaled, I found myself with 5 offers of representation. (One of whom had been my pitch appointment at National.) Who did I turn to for advice in making that decision? My 2008 GH Pixies. My mentor. Thanks to RWA I had a support network in place to help me.

The agent I signed with (she is still my agent and I love her with all my heart) had initially contacted *me* because she looked up my website after I double finaled. Liz then went on to push me to be a better writer, taking my craft to the next level. Thank you RWA.

I have so much to thank RWA for, and almost none of it is what RWA has done for me as a published author. It’s what the org did for me before April 16, 2013, when my first novel released.

I had been seriously considering running for the board this year to give back to the organization I have been so thankful for, but now, as I resign from RWA, I will be able to use the time I would have given to RWA in a different way. I don’t know the best ways to make a profit from Facebook or AMS ads. I’m not a marketing guru. But I do know craft and I’d like to pay it forward.

In the coming days I’m going to set up a page on my website for aspiring writers to request a read of their first chapter. I am also reaching out to other published authors to ask if they’d be willing to use their now RWA-less time to mentor others. I’ve had a few say yes already.

If you object to being called white or believe that marginalized authors should only express their pain in ways that make you feel comfortable and safe, if you’ve ever used the phrase, “I can’t be racist because I have Black friends/family/coworkers”, or if you in any way shape or form blame AOC for the collapse of RWA, do not email me to ask about being a mentor or mentee. This is not for you.

Unpublished authors: you will need to have completed at least one manuscript to apply.

It is with great heartache that I say goodbye to RWA. But I’m also saying good riddance without an ounce of regret.

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Evidence #5

Falling in love was never part of his mission…

With visions of professional glory, underwater archaeologist Cressida Porter embarks on a research trip deep into the heart of Eastern Turkey. Her dreams turn into nightmares when she becomes the unwitting courier for a terrorist network. Stranded and unable to speak the language, she turns to a handsome and enigmatic security specialist for help, even while fearing he may be behind a violent assault that leaves her vulnerable.

CIA Case Officer Ian Boyd’s mission is clear: follow the courier, identify the terrorist leader, and intercept the microchip before it falls into enemy hands. For Ian, cozying up to the alluring archaeologist to find out where her loyalties lie isn’t exactly hardship duty. But spending time with her proves dangerous when she awakens a longing for a life he can never have.

Attraction wars with distrust as Cressida and Ian are forced on the run. When violence erupts in the already unstable region, Cressida discovers everything she knows about Ian is false. With all secrets revealed, Cressida must decide if she can trust the spy with her life, while Ian faces his own impossible choice: Cressida or his mission.

A Proud Mom Moment!

Check out these adorable book covers designed by my daughter!! ???
Now you can own all three steamy, fun novellas by Kate Davies!!



A walk on the wild side with her favorite bad boy is just what this good girl needs…

Mollie Mason is sure her night can’t get any worse. Stuck in an inflatable rubber cake, she overhears her fiancé slamming her at his bachelor party—and then she catches him cheating! But discovering her high school crush has witnessed her humiliation is the icing on the cake.

Cade Gallagher has wanted Mollie for years. And when she asks him to help her prove to the world—and herself—that she’s not just a good girl, he knows he’d be a fool to say no. But she wants a temporary fling. Will two weeks be enough time to convince her to take a chance on him—forever?

THIS BOOK HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED. It has been lightly edited and revised.

WARNING: This book contains sex, shenanigans, and shopping. Sometimes all three at the same time.


He’s vice. She’s nice. Watch out, Seattle!

It seemed easy enough. Hit the local all-male strip club, pick a likely target and hire him for her best friend’s bachelorette party. But the stripper who catches Caroline’s eye has a different agenda. He’s an undercover cop, and Caroline ends up under arrest—for solicitation!

Tony DiMarco realizes too late that he’s made a mistake. Caroline’s reputation and business are suffering, and he feels responsible. He feels something else too—the pull of red-hot desire. He wants Caroline, but she’s afraid that he’s just trying to make up for his mistake. Can this determined vice cop teach her to trust him?

THIS BOOK HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED. It has been lightly edited and revised.

WARNING: This book contains people taking their clothes off. Which is kind of the point, right?


Turn best friend into boyfriend? Challenge accepted!

Dani’s been in love with Carter forever. But she’s nothing like the women he dates—glamorous, exciting, spotlight-ready. Instead, she’s stuck in the best-friend role and can’t seem to find a way out of it. Until a scheduling mix-up finds her enrolled in a strip-aerobics class. Now this buttoned-down wallflower is finding her wicked side—and liking it!

Carter can’t understand what’s happened to his best bud. She’s gone from sweet to sexy in ten seconds flat—and Carter’s lucky enough to be around for the ride of a lifetime. But he knows from past experience that relationships don’t last. He’s got to get
things back on track before the most important friendship in his life is damaged forever.

Problem is, Dani has no intention of going back to being just friends. It’s about time someone challenged Carter’s assumptions about love and friendship—and Dani’s just the woman to do it!


The Most Popular Post of the Week

Surprisingly, most of you voted “NO” on swimming with a 23 foot long anaconda.




The Weekly Recap – 1/3/20

The Weekly Recap – 1/3/20

Tinderbox and the NOOK Reading App

??? Exciting news!! ???
TINDERBOX is this month’s B&N Readouts Serial Read!
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While working on the Horn of Africa, archaeologist Morgan Adler’s work and life are threatened, forcing her to make a desperate dash to a nearby US military base to beg for protection. Green Beret Pax Blanchard has orders to intercept Dr. Adler before she reaches the base, and in so doing saves her life, but his responsibilities toward protecting the woman have only just begun….

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“Unexpected and intense from the get-go. With irresistible characters, a rare setting and an inventive, high-powered plot, it’s a smartly crafted gem of a story.” – USA Today






It has been a heartbreaking week as I’ve watched an organization I love implode, but my pain is nothing compared to the authors of color who’ve been told in no uncertain terms that calling out racism in books can get them banned from the organization. My pain is nothing compared to what Courtney must feel, after all the hours and emotional energy she has given to RWA.  My heart breaks for past board members who had worked so hard to address racism within the organization. Now all that work is in ashes.

I’ve withdrawn my books from this year’s RITA contest and I won’t be judging. I will not attend the conference in San Francisco and have withdrawn from the award committee.

I remain on the Ethics Committee – not the secret committee that was seated in violation of policy and procedure, but the REAL Ethics Committee that knew nothing about the complaint against Courtney. While committee members are confidential, I do have the right to identify myself as one. I have decided to stay on the committee as I believe it’s the best way for me to get answers, or at least ensure my questions are heard.

Read the NYT article here:



Vote for your Favorite Cover at Kobo!

A cover I DESIGNED MYSELF made it to the final round of Kobo Writing Life‘s cover contest!!! Vote for your favorite cover – the overall winner will be announced on January 7th!

Winter Hawk Cover - Final

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A Recommended New Release

THE WAYWARD STAR is available NOW!!!!! ???????  

Fans of urban fantasy will love Jenn Stark‘s Wilde Justice Series!


As the Tarot incarnation of Justice, tracking down the outlaws of the psychic community and delivering them to Judgment is Sara Wilde’s business…and business is good.

Now a rival syndicate known as The Shadow Court seeks to impose their own brand of justice, restricting magic to only the richest and most influential psychics, while stripping power from all the “undesirables” along the way. Their top priority? Hit Sara Wilde, guiding light of psychics everywhere, where it hurts…

Right in the heart.

From the crackling fires of Burning Man to Sara’s even more incendiary high school reunion, the path is never more twisted than when you follow The Wayward Star.

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The Most Popular Post of the Week

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