The Weekly Recap – 8/28/20

The Weekly Recap – 8/28/20

Look What’s Coming Soon!

My contribution to this FREE anthology is NIGHT OWL: A Raptor Novella. NIGHT OWL is a prequel to INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE – for those of you who have read INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE, you’ll finally get Brad and Jenna’s story…Jenna O’Donnell wants only three things: to live in Tamarack, Alaska for the rest of her life; for Ted Godfrey to fall into a glacial crevasse; and Brad Fraser.
Brad Fraser wants only three things: to leave Tamarack, Alaska and never return; for his coworker, Ted Godfrey, to be fired; and to never, ever fall in love.
But Brad tempts fate when he takes Jenna out for a night of owl watching, and once he spends time alone with her, his carefully planned escape from both frigid north and fiery waitress is no longer simple…

Look for links to Danger and Desire in my next email. You’ll have to act fast because this FREE anthology will only be available for TEN DAYS!!

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The Weekly Recap – 8/21/20

The Weekly Recap – 8/21/20

Guess What?!

??? I have a 2-book deal with Amazon Publishing’s Montlake Romance imprint! ???

I’m so excited to be working with Lauren Plude and thankful to her and my agent, Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein for making this happen!! ????

Rachel Grant’s DANGEROUS GROUND, in which an archeologist teams up with a handsome wildlife photographer to uncover the fate of a volcanologist lost in the wilderness of the Aleutian Islands, to Lauren Plude at Montlake Romance, in a two-book deal, for publication in summer 2021, by Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein at McIntosh & Otis (world).

Darcy Burke’s BookBub Recommendation of INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE and a CONTEST!

Thank you Darcy Burke!! Darcy wrote an amazing recommendation of INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE on BookBub. To celebrate, I’m having a contest! Head on over to my Facebook page to enter – you can ONLY enter on my Facebook page!

The winner will be randomly selected from the comments and will receive a signed copy of Incriminating Evidence (old cover) AND another print book from my catalog (winner’s choice).

Giveaway closes Sunday at 9 pm Pacific.

***Giveaway is open worldwide***

Rachel Recommends – Serena Bell’s New Release

I LOVED SO TRUE – and now you can love it too!!!!!! And check out this awesome giveaway on Serena Bell‘s page! Win $50 in book money!! Think of all the books you could buy…..

?? A passionate first love. A deep betrayal. One last chance to make it right. ??
Jax Walker left Chiara Campbell behind without a word, but he’s never forgotten how it felt to love that fiercely. Not that it matters—he can never go back to Tierney Bay, because the secret he’s keeping would tear them both apart.
Chiara has written Jax out of her life and her memory—until he shows up at the shop where she works. All the hurt she thought she’d buried is still there, and so is her fiery attraction to him. The more Chiara and Jax work together to save the shop, the more she wants things she can’t have.
She knows she’s going to get her heart broken again. She knows it’s going to hurt like hell.
And she’s pretty sure that when he kisses her, she’ll kiss him right back.
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The Weekly Recap – 8/7/20

The Weekly Recap – 8/7/20

Catch my Happy Hour Chat with Jayne Ann Krentz!

Here is my happy hour Live with Jayne Ann Krentz!! I was so thrilled to be able to catch up with Jayne and share some exciting news (x2)!!

I’ll drop links to the FREE Danger and Desire anthology in the comments.

More information on my other big news will be coming soon!![0]=68.ARA57LnZG_VJvms1srnSdc8y_jj3IlpqpA8QQEDd11Vt6DlLSG8dLIdqX_Xcdo8rmig_FAU_FZ5tqRtw2o-n4jUpHDLQK-OHKYY9hAa0QHW2xIv9s07zZjV6KWbDgddp–Gh3Eb8n8kZEGAlaRqAYz5WxDo0s-6WDf5cJV1BfBSQ9d-TtQIl0tqnReowwI3mZqtZDDwyvShIbjHgatno2jlD80BF8o0UawsnRp2BWPQBWT2JTTcNFnBZuSAGcXM7lAwrM5CJGsjlnkn4a-t9SIWQb7aBX_BHA6pFcMqfLnU1KRJf5FMR7BBPq_93GORXp05RVNkll1zThiuBSt1sDyoPtMjtQ23WUqVNB2tuzmLASu4wD5MXFFIbWcnZCXMS2FaaEPWxf0lnQ3NqZS6e6dXUpyofg7Y0njdV4vv4nfSonFf1bwSwd0yX6Pb16D7XHHK2jggvt1udLMZZQDmRl5TakPM1JMXTJiEMhEP2RkGMx_2U69mt78P50bs6RA&__tn__=H-R

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