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??? $50 Amazon GIVEAWAY ???
Celebrating Flashpoint Series Collection ???

4 pulse-pounding, edge of your seat, steamy military thrillers! Get the first 3 books in the series—all named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of the Year—plus a never-before-published novella for only 99¢!

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The adventure heats up in TINDERBOX, when an archaeologist races across the desert to seek protection at a US military base and is saved from an explosion by a solder who kindles a different kind of fire. Temperatures rise further in CATALYST, when an American aid worker is abducted and her only hope for rescue is the Green Beret she once wronged. In FIRESTORM, a CIA operator and Special Forces soldier set off to stop a coup and find a conspiracy that could ignite all of Africa, while in INFERNO, government relations have reached the flashpoint, and a diplomat and Green Beret must work together to douse the flames.

***Inferno will be priced at $2.99 when it is released as a stand-alone ebook in late June.***

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