DANGEROUS GROUND in Publishers Weekly

I am so thrilled that DANGEROUS GROUND (Fiona Carver Series Book 1) received a starred review from Publishers Weekly!

“This page-turning romance is headed for many a keeper shelf.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

In the remote and unpredictable Aleutians, danger comes without warning in an adrenaline rush of a novel by USA Today bestselling author Rachel Grant.

Archaeologist Fiona Carver has unfinished business in the Aleutian Islands. After an emergency evacuation cut her first expedition short, she’s finally back. But time is not on her side as she races to finish documenting the remnants of a prehistoric village, recover missing artifacts, and track down missing volcanologist Dylan Slater.

Having bluffed his way onto Fiona’s team with fake credentials, wildlife photographer Dean Slater is willing to risk more than federal prison to find his missing brother, but he needs Fiona’s help. She knows the inhospitable terrain better than anyone.

When the two set out together on a perilous journey, it becomes more than a recovery mission. In their fight for survival, nature isn’t the only threat. They aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Mile by dangerous mile, someone is hunting them.

PreOrder Today! Release Date is August 17, 2021.

A FREE Book for you!

Lori Ryan’s NORI’S DELTA is FREE this week only!

He won’t lose her again…?
?Delta Operative Heath “Woof” Davis has spent years living on the edge. Protecting a State Department official is just another assignment until he discovers that Eleanor Bonham is Nori Duncan, the one that got away. He can protect her from enemy forces in the Republic of Kazarus, but can he defend his heart from the woman who used to be his everything?
She’s not going to fall for a soldier boy…
High school was a long time ago, and Eleanor is no longer the heartbroken girl who ended things with Heath. She doesn’t have time for love, not if she’s going to rise in the ranks at State Department. But Heath is even more handsome than he was back then, and his years in the military have honed him into a man completely unlike the boy she once knew. With his sights set on her, how can she resist?
The mission in Kazarus is as important as it is dangerous. Eleanor and Heath will need to rely on one another if they are going to see the mission through. But will they be able to overcome past pain for the hope of a future?

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Rachel Recommends – 2 New Releases!

There’s a new release by J. Kenner writing as Julie Kenner with all the covers in the series designed by my daughter! Click on the image to visit the series page on Julie’s website for more links, and while you’re there, check out ALL of Julie’s amazing books!


Serena Bell is one of my favorite people AND favorite authors, and she has a wonderful new release!! This steamy escape to the great outdoors is a wonderful way to kick off your summer reading this weekend!!

She’s a city girl. I’m a mountain man. This shouldn’t work. So why can’t I stay away? ?
?Gabe: From the moment Lucy ropes me into saving the ducklings, I can’t keep my eyes–or hands–off her. Until I find out she’s the consultant hired to revamp our family outdoor adventure business. It’s her job to help us win over Rush Creek’s new tourists, who come to our small town for the spas and weddings. If Lucy gets her way, Wilder Adventures will become Wilder Romantic Adventures.
Now my rowdy crew of brothers and I are stuck showing her the town we love and the mountains we know like the back of our hands. But Lucy hates small towns, getting messy, and anything involving the woods or the water. Even the Wilder brothers’ charm might not be enough to change her mind. Though I’m giving it my best shot. I never knew how hot a campfire could get, or how much I’d love sharing my tent.

Pretty soon, I’m in over my head. And even though I know no one can talk a city girl into small town life, I’m still trying. ?
?She’s driving me wild. All I can do is make her wilder.

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You can PreOrder BROKEN FALCON!

I’m excited to share that Broken Falcon is now available for presale! The release date listed is in December, but it will be moved up–probably to late July–as soon as the first round of copyedits are complete.

Falcon Graphic
Did you know? My daughter is a design major in her junior year of college. Recently, she made this falcon graphic for my BROKEN FALCON cover!

Chase Johnston is leading a double life. After two years of psychological torment, the quiet, highly skilled Raptor operative now has a darker side, and he’s hellbent on bringing sex-traffickers to justice—using any means necessary. The only relief he finds for his troubled mind is a woman he’ll never meet in person.

Eden O’Keeffe is also leading a double life. By day she’s a grad student and barista, but at night she sits in front of a camera and provides companionship for those seeking entertainment, titillation, or simple conversation. She enjoys the freedom of being a siren online, but her secret career comes with risks that force her to hide her true identity at all costs.

When Chase walks into a coffee shop and comes face to face with the one person who makes him feel again, it seems his long nightmare may be coming to an end. But in entering Eden’s world, he’s bringing that nightmare—and the danger that comes with it—to her doorstep.?

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