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RG Incriminating Evidence(2)

IE-frontCover-Final-r2-72dpiINCRIMINATING EVIDENCE is on sale for $0.99 until May 1st!

“With so many small moments of tenderness and love, passion and lust, danger and betrayal, greed and evil, this is oneentertaining and fascinating book you will not put down until the very last page is read.” – Romancing Life

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To celebrate that COLD EVIDENCE has reached the 50-review milestone at Amazon, I’m offering a Rafflecopter Giveaway! One person will receive a Hobuck Resort hoodie and a COLD EVIDENCE shopping bag. Luke and Undine stay in a cabin at Hobuck in the book, and I picked up the hoodie when I stayed there as part of my research.


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“[Cold Evidence is] like The Bourne Identity meets Jacques Cousteau.” – Heroes and Heartbreakers

Giveaway runs from today through next Friday, April 29th. You can enter the giveaway here.

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Audible.com has acquired the rights to produce BODY OF EVIDENCE, WITHHOLDING EVIDENCE, INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE, and COVERT EVIDENCE in audiobook. All four books are scheduled to be released in September. Check back here or sign up for my mailing list for updates on the release date.

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I’ve been Reading up on women in science for the heroine of Evidence 7, and I watched this Mayim Bialik video again. I love it and Mayim so much and thought you would, too!

“Being a scientist is like being in love with every aspect of the universe.”  – Mayim Bialik

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