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The rain was coming down sideways, making the porch little protection. Luke didn’t want to step inside the cabin where he’d made love to her, so he nodded to his truck. This wasn’t a conversation they could have at the restaurant across the street. “Grab your purse. We’re driving to Forks while we talk.”

“Why are we going to Forks?”

“You need a cell phone that works in Neah Bay and a better wetsuit.”

“There’s no dive shop in Forks. I looked.”

“There’s a whitewater rafting group that’s closed this time of year. The owner is about your size, and she’s got a European wetsuit like mine she’s willing to sell.”

Undine cocked her head in interest. “She has a C-Skin?”


“I’ve always wanted one,” she frowned. “But my budget is shot right now. I was on paid leave including per diem until my ears healed. Once the doctor cleared me to fly, I was on my own for my hotel in Port Angeles. I’m pretty much living on credit now.”

“The suit is used, so it’ll be cheaper. And I assumed, given that you lost all your gear in a work-related accident, the Navy would pay for a replacement.”

“I’m sure they will, but it’ll take weeks to process the paperwork. You know the US government.” She crossed her arms. “I’m nearly maxed out. I can’t afford it, not right now.”

He’d always assumed her father was wealthy, given his state of the art research boat and his high-tech institute, but she mentioned that he’d done the reality show for the money, and she really did seem concerned about finances. This shouldn’t surprise him, but it did. “If the suit fits, I’ll front you the money. It’s a good deal, and I don’t want to listen to you whine when we dive.”

She shook her head. “Borrowing money from friends, enemies, and payday loan places tops my list of things to never do.”

“Seems like screwing bastards like me should rank higher than that, but to each their own.” He didn’t know why her resistance irritated him. Maybe it was because he’d looked forward to seeing her rush of excitement when he told her he’d lined up a C-Skin for her. He was so pathetic, the way he wanted to walk away from her and please her at the same time. “We’ll go to Forks, and you’ll try on the damn suit. If it fits, we’ll figure out how you can pay me back.” He crossed his arms and scanned her from head to toe. “I’m sure we can think of something.”

She stiffened. “You’re despicable.”

“No argument there.” He turned toward his SUV. “Let’s roll.”


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Thank you Scandalicious Book Reviews!

This review of POISON EVIDENCE by Scandalicious Book Reviews made my day and I wanted to share it here!

Poison Evidence makes me happy to be a romantic suspense reader.  It is just so good. It has 1. Heart-racing adventure 2. Complex intrigue that keeps you on your toes 3. Scorching hot romance 4. Completely likeable characters with interesting inner conflicts and 5. perfect balance of all those elements.  As a bonus, in this book, Rachel Grant rewards long time fans.  This book IS a standalone, but you will be even more gratified if you have been following the series.

One of the first words that came to mind after reading this book is “meticulous”.  It takes meticulous attention to detail to bring together all the parts and pieces of this story and Rachel Grant does it flawlessly.  Ivy MacLeod develops a piece of mapping technology for use in her archeological work, but it is also highly desired by governments for use in intelligence gathering and espionage.  She is in the Palau Islands testing her new equipment mapping the area around a WWII battle when a group of terrorists tries to kidnap her and steal the machine.  Conveniently, a knight in shining armor shows up and rescues her.  Of course, this captain is not what he pretends to be.  The discovery of this character’s identity and the consequent fall-out is one of the most compelling part of this book.  Not quite the good guy and not all bad, there is an internal struggle that make him heroic.  Excellent character development highlights this book.

Rachel Grant has an affinity for writing heroines that are slightly off the beaten path.  They usually stand out for their intelligence.  This time around the author gives us an actual genius.  She is a little awkward, boldly sexual, good with the one liners, and has loads of chutzpah.  She manages to get away from an attempted assault and kidnapping with a stiletto.  Yep, my kind of girl.

I’ve often criticize romance stories for insta-love, and yes, things move at the speed of light here, but admittedly this is insta-lust that leads to deeper affections amidst a high-stress, emotionally charged adventure.  After all, Ivy is dealing with an ex-husband who is being convicted for treason for selling arms to terrorist, is chased by the her ex-husband’s former customers, and being used for information and her skills by someone very close to her.  You can say it’s been a bad week, and if we include her rocky marriage, a bad year. I can give her a break for wanting a little hubba hubba in her life.

With a complex plot, flirty banter, and some of the sexiest scenes I’ve read to date, Rachel Grant gives us another winner in her Evidence series.  I’m going to go back and read this one again.

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