Writing Update – FLASHPOINT #2

The last few weeks I’ve been working hard on the next book in my Flashpoint Series, and I am so excited to tell you that the first draft of CATALYST is done!

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I hope everyone has a nice, safe holiday weekend!


A New Release from Gwen Hayes

Looking for something romantic to read this weekend?

Gwen Hayes has a new book out!


Blurb:  A Princess on the run…

Just once, Princess Merriam would like to make her own choices, but independence is in short supply when your father, the king, is of the royal opinion that princesses are for looking pretty and being obedient. When she overhears him talking to her broody, sexy, and oh-so-aloof bodyguard about her future wedding, a surprise to her as she’s not currently engaged to anyone, she plots her first rebellion: slip past her protection detail in NYC and board a tourist bus bound for Camp Firefly Falls where she plans to spend the week incognito as a normal twenty-something looking for love during Singles’ Week.

A Duke in pursuit…

Harmon Maxwell , Duke of Carlisle and Commander of the Royal Palace Guard has no patience for spoiled little rich girls who think security is a game. The tempting princess has tormented his dreams for years, but he’s a man of honor and duty, and he intends to bring the reckless beauty to heel until a real threat to her safety means a week at camp might be the safest place for her. It’s his duty to keep her in close protection, and that means she only gets one suitor during Singles’ Week: him.

For more information about His Runaway Campfire Princess and Gwen’s other books, visit her website at http://gwenhayes.com/!


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