*CATALYST Sneak Peek*

01.6Are you wondering who the hero of CATALYST is?

Here’s a sneak peek from the book:

He dropped onto the empty barstool next to her and ordered a beer while he figured out how to open the conversation.

The ten years that had passed since he last saw her looked good on her. She had a maturity about her that had been missing before. But then, she couldn’t be much older than he was, meaning she must’ve been all of twenty-two or -three when she’d been made Vice President of Screwing Indian Tribes for Prime Energy.

He cleared his throat to speak.

“I’m not here to get laid,” she said before he could get a word out. “So you can save your breath.”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Prime, I’m not interested.”

She startled at his use of her name and studied him. She raised an eyebrow. “I think you have me mistaken for somebody else.”

“Not at all. Gabriella Stewart Prime. Only child of Tatiana Stewart and Jeffery Prime. With two older half brothers, you’re the youngest of Prime’s three children. Your daddy is the CEO of Prime Energy, and your great-granddaddy was the founder of the company. I’m good with names and faces, and I’d never forget you.” His gaze swept her from head to toe. She was memorable, and not just because she was a Prime. She’d even done some modeling when she was really young, but that had been before she was on his radar.


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