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Hi Everyone!  I’m busy with my daughter’s graduation but will be reaching out to existing review team members next week.  There are limited spots on the team available and readers who are interested in joining the team should sign up for my VIP list and check the “I want information on joining the review team” box. There is no guarantee you will be added to the team, but I will save the information for future releases once the current team reaches the cap.






TINDERBOX won the HOLT Medallion Award for outstanding literary fiction in the Romantic Suspense category!!

The HOLT has been awarded annually since 1995.  What makes the HOLT unique is our purpose of reflecting the actual marketplace. Judging panels are comprised only of avid romance readers who participate with enthusiasm and sincerity. They are looking for a good read, a book they would buy and an author they would follow. Their judging decisions reflect these inclinations. No editors, agents or writers are eligible to judge.


TINDERBOX (Flashpoint #1)


In the volatile tinderbox of the Horn of Africa, Morgan Adler has made the paleoanthropological find of a lifetime. The discovery brings her to the attention of a warlord eager to claim both Morgan and the fossils, forcing her to make a desperate dash to the nearby US military base to beg for protection.

Master Sergeant Pax Blanchard has orders to intercept Dr. Adler before she reaches the base, and in so doing saves her life. After a harrowing afternoon he safely delivers her to his commanders, only to find his responsibilities toward protecting the obstinate archaeologist have only just begun.

Morgan and Pax are forced to work together in the Djiboutian desert heat, but it is the fire that ignites between them that threatens to combust them both. For the Green Beret, involvement with the woman he must protect is a threat to his career, while for the archaeologist, the soldier is everything she never wanted but somehow can’t resist. When Morgan uncovers a mystery surrounding Djibouti’s most scarce and vital resource, the danger to her reaches the flashpoint. For Pax, protecting her is no longer a matter of following orders, and he’ll risk everything to bring her back alive.

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Toni Anderson’s COLD BLOODED is here

You guys!!! Check out the dedication in Toni Anderson-Author Page‘s new release, COLD BLOODED. ??????

Thank you, Toni!! I’m honored and feeling a little weepy in a good way. ?? Can’t wait to enjoy chocolate martinis with you in September! ?


A journalist searching for the truth about her best friend’s death—and the FBI agent who needs her to stop.

Disgraced investigative journalist Pip West is devastated when she discovers her best friend’s body face-down in a tranquil lake. When cops and federal agents determine that her friend overdosed then drowned, Pip knows they’re mistaken and intends to prove it.

Special Agent Hunt Kincaid doesn’t trust journalists and has no patience for Pip’s delusions, especially since her meddling could reveal why the FBI is interested in her friend’s last days. The dead scientist worked at the cutting edge of vaccine research and might have a connection to a new, weaponized, vaccine-resistant anthrax strain that just hit the black market.

Pip is thrown off her game by grief and her unexpected attraction to the handsome federal agent. Hunt battles the same unwelcome pull, determined to resist the heat that threatens to consume them both. But the more Pip digs, the closer she gets to both the sexy FBI agent, and to a bioweapons terrorist who’s more than capable of cold-bloodedly sacrificing anyone who gets in his way

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A New Release from Elisabeth Naughton


SURRENDER is available now!

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Elisabeth Naughton comes a new story in her House of Sin series…

The leaders of my House want her dead.

The men I’ve secretly aligned myself with want her punished for screwing up their coup.

I’ve been sent by both to deal with her, but one look at the feisty redhead and I’ve got plans of my own.

Before I carry out anyone else’s orders, she’s going to give me what I want. And only when I’m satisfied will I decide if she lives or dies.

Depending, of course, on just how easily she surrenders…

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.**




A TINDERBOX Audible Feature

TINDERBOX is no longer up on the Audible Romance Package page, but I was so thrilled with this shout-out at Audible!



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