Where Have I Been?

Last week I attended #RWA19 and also had a blast with my daughter and her BFF exploring New York! Oh, and also I did attend a few conference things.



Cakes and Weddings and Memories!

On July 20th, my nephew married at the same farm where my husband and I married 22 years ago!  My daughter and I were enlisted at the last minute to make the cakes. She made the white cake and I made the 4 chocolate cakes.

The wedding was an amazing and beautiful joining of Noah’s American family and Saurajit’s Indian family. Photos posted with permission from the grooms.

I teared up many times, overjoyed for Noah and Sau and heart bursting with love at sharing this beautiful venue with these two wonderful men. ???????

You can see the initial post, with cakes in process here:



  Our wedding… and 22 years later!


Rachel Recommends


Jenn Stark is having a summer sale and I love this series!  Fans of urban fantasy with plenty of action and adventure love the Immortal Vegas Series and now you can get the first book free and the second for just 99c!

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Most of us can relate to this horrifying idea and its tragic consequences. ??