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This anthology contains five never-before-published novellas about new beginnings and second chances from five authors who promise never to plagiarize, use ghostwriters, or recycle content. The authors also guarantee a happily-ever-after or happy-for-now ending for every story, because if it doesn’t end HEA/HFN, it’s not a romance!

I’ve had a crush on Randy for years – but my older brother’s BFF never gave me a second look. That is, until the wedding. Now we’re flirting, and having fun, and I’ve got a hotel room for the night. I don’t have time for a relationship, but a one-night-only hookup? I’m down for that. I just hope he is, too…

I’m not sure when Tony’s little sister went from way-too-young to holy smokes, but she’s the first woman I’ve been interested in since my fiancée dumped me. I know that if I tried anything, Tony would kill me and ask questions later. Problem is, Gia’s totally on board for a night together. And I’m starting to think it’s worth the risk.

REVERENCE by Jayce Ellis
Rasheed knew coming back home wouldn’t be smooth sailing, but he wasn’t quite prepared for the level of vitriol he got from the person he was most anxious to see—his high school sweetheart, Percy. His best friend. His closest confidante. And the reason he’d returned. But from their first meeting, he knows it’s going to be an uphill battle, and Percy doesn’t seem the least bit interested in renewing a friendship, let alone anything more. Twenty-five years after breaking his heart the first time, Rasheed has to prove himself worthy of a second chance.

REPEATED BURN by Tara Kennedy
Raven is already having a bad Monday, and the arrival of her ex’s new ex, Sienna, is not helping. Planning to wash her hands of the whole thing, Raven delivers Sienna to her brother, Marcus. But the universe seems determined to throw Raven and Marcus together.

Marcus is used to cleaning up his little sister’s messes. They usually don’t involve attractive women. He is drawn to Raven’s independence and her confidence. Raven’s been burned by those who claimed to love her time and again. Will she be able to trust that Marcus is ready for the long haul?

When my semi was stolen from a truck stop in Middle-of-Nowhere, Nebraska, I lost my home, most of my possessions, and my livelihood. With no easy way to get back to L.A., I hitch a ride with the local sheriff’s way-too-sexy brother, Ivan Carlson, who’s on his way to San Diego to play pro hockey. There’s no reason to think Ivan will be anything but a perfect gentleman, which is good, because I certainly don’t want to start something with a guy I’m going to be trapped in a car with for several days. Or that’s what I thought, until we wind up having to share a motel room. Tough luck, right?

NEVER REALLY OVER (A Hotel Arroyo Novella) by Sabrina Sol
Callie Arroyo hasn’t seen Ryan Salazar since he left her and L.A. behind seven years ago in search of adventure and a life better than the one he had growing up. But now as her sister prepares to marry his brother, they’re about to be part of each other’s lives again.

Ryan thought moving to Italy would give him everything he’d ever wanted. But by the time he’d realized all he’d ever needed was Callie, it was too late. She’d moved on and married someone else. Even had a kid.

Pushed together for pre-wedding festivities, Ryan and the newly single Callie must navigate old feelings and new attractions. Like before, they both have hard choices to make. Will love be enough this time?



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