Tainted Evidence Cover Reveal and More

Did you catch my recent Facebook Live video? I revealed the cover for TAINTED EVIDENCE! Be sure to follow me on Facebook for future Live videos – I really enjoy chatting in real time with you!


Tinderbox is now in German

I’m so excited to announce that Tinderbox (Flashpoint #1) is now available in German! If it sells well I hope to have more books translated.


Get this FREE Boxset before it’s gone!

I’ve joined together with nine other bestselling, award-winning Romantic Suspense authors to give you a fantastic limited-time boxed set called Dangerous to Love. The best part? It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Nearly a million words from some of the best-known authors in the genre. Individual books that would cost more than $50 to buy separately! Most titles have never been free before! For the next month you can snap them up from all your favorite vendors. Tell your friends!



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Rachel Recommends – The Billionaire’s Fake Fiancée

I loved this book!

I’m no Prince Charming, and the last thing I want is a Cinderella.

My instructions were simple: scour the city for a fake fiancée who’s not my type at all. Have her on my jet Monday morning, dressed for a yacht vacation.

I need a woman believable enough to convince a certain client that I’ve changed my playboy ways…yet too annoying to tempt me—no emotional entanglements, thank you very much. This is business only.

If she’s unfazed by my looks and wealth, all the better.

Should be easy. Right?

Apparently not, because my people go and hire Tabitha. My hairdresser.

What were they thinking? Yes, I said annoying, but I didn’t mean her, the most aggravating woman in the world.

Tabitha is sunshiny. She has a pet hamster. She loves Hello Kitty, and she gets under my skin like nobody else.

As if that’s not bad enough, the minute we step on deck, she thinks that certain people on the yacht are up to something shady—based completely on her soap opera knowledge.

She won’t listen when I tell her she’s being ridiculous.

But as the days go by, I find that we’re actually having fun. And our fake kisses are heating up. And suddenly her wild theories aren’t sounding so strange after all…

**The stand-alone romcoms in this series can be read in any order!**

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Another Recommendation and a Special Cover

I’m also recommending FIFTY FIRST DATES by Jolie Moore. My talented daughter created the cover for this memoir about a middle age romance writer starting over and searching for love!

A romance author joins Tinder to find true love. What could go wrong?

•Left an abusive marriage. Check.
•Did a heap of therapy. And meditation. And yoga. Check.
•Got on Bumble. Got on OKCupid. Got on Tinder. Check.

Dan Savage ruined my marriage. But he saved my life.

Wisdom of a single advice columnist changed everything.

When I moved out, I took only the clothes I could carry, my writing desk, my office chair, and the books on my keeper shelf. Walking out of a two-decade-long marriage was the easy part. Getting my self-esteem back was much harder. Once I healed enough to realize I was okay, I was ready to start dating again. #50firstdates was born. Fifty dates seemed like enough to meet Mr. Right or at least Mr. Right Now. Dating in middle-age was nothing like I thought it was going to be. Follow me on my real-life journey…as I search for my next big love.

This is my own Crazy. Beautiful. Love. Story.


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