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One of my besties, who also happens to be my first round beta reader, Gwen Hernandez, has a new release! I LOVED this book so hard. The opening scene is INTENSE. ? This is one of my favorite types of romantic suspense – a wilderness adventure story. Tell me in the comments the title of a steamy wilderness adventure romantic suspense you couldn’t put down.


An ice-cold mountain. A deadly enemy. A scorching-hot desire they can’t ignore.After escaping from kidnappers in the Montana wilderness, Lindsey Garcia is her best friend’s only hope for rescue. But when her enemies trap her on the mountain with a sexy stranger she’s not sure she can trust, both her life and her heart are in danger. Former special operator Todd Brennan is on a personal hunt for a killer when he saves Lindsey from a deadly fall. He plans to get her to the nearest town and renew his pursuit, but a fatal encounter forces him to choose between love and justice.

If you haven’t read Gwen’s books before, BLIND FURY, the first in the series is free: https://amzn.to/2HyOhrH

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