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Beautiful Music to Discover

I love music by Irish-Japanese-American musician Hanz Araki – it’s the one exception to my “no lyrics” rule when I’m writing. I’m sharing his music with you today and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

To listen to a sample of his music, scroll to the bottom of his webpage and click the play button on the left. Enjoy!!

About Hanz Araki: Considered one of the most talented Irish musicians in America today, flautist, whistle player, singer, and Juno Award-winner Hanz Araki has been lauded by publications and audiences alike. Three decades of musical exploration into Irish, Scottish, Japanese, and American traditions has yielded his distinct style described by Fatea Magazine as “achingly beautiful.”

If you enjoy Hanz’s music but prefer listening to CDs over downloads, you can purchase those from Bandcamp


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