DANGEROUS GROUND is almost here!

PreOrder Today! DANGEROUS GROUND (Fiona Carver #1) releases on August 17th!

In the remote and unpredictable Aleutians, danger comes without warning in an adrenaline rush of a novel by USA Today bestselling author Rachel Grant.

Archaeologist Fiona Carver has unfinished business in the Aleutian Islands. After an emergency evacuation cut her first expedition short, she’s finally back. But time is not on her side as she races to finish documenting the remnants of a prehistoric village, recover missing artifacts, and track down missing volcanologist Dylan Slater.

Having bluffed his way onto Fiona’s team with fake credentials, wildlife photographer Dean Slater is willing to risk more than federal prison to find his missing brother, but he needs Fiona’s help. She knows the inhospitable terrain better than anyone.

When the two set out together on a perilous journey, it becomes more than a recovery mission. In their fight for survival, nature isn’t the only threat. They aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Mile by dangerous mile, someone is hunting them.

PreOrder Today! Release Date is August 17, 2021.

RACHEL RECOMMENDS – A 99c Sale and New Release

Blair Babylon has a 99c Sale

Blair Babylon is wrapping up her Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence series with the final installment releasing on July 20th. This week, you can get the first book in the series ROGUE for only 99¢! I loved this steamy intro to Maxence and Dree!! Her ex-boyfriend was supposed to propose in Paris, but instead, he swindled her out of every penny she owned. Now, the hottest man she’s ever seen has an indecent proposal to get her on her feet, and on her back, and on her knees.

FML. I will never believe anything a man tells me, ever again.

Even if he is a 6-feet-4, hot, ripped, handsome as a movie star, filthy rich billionaire.

I was a good girl who had nothing left to lose, literally. My ex-boyfriend had stolen everything. except a non-refundable plane ticket to Paris, which was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime where that deadbeat was supposed to propose at the top of the Eiffel Tower. So, I got on the plane without him.

After all that, it was understandable that when I started drinking at the Buddha Bar, things got a little out of hand.

Luckily, a man intervened. He was so ripped that I could see every thick muscle of his abs, obliques, chest, and arms through the tight tee shirt he was wearing. He towered over the guys who were bothering me, and they backed off.

I took him back to my hotel because I was full of drunken, bad decisions that night.

The last thing I needed was a man who wanted to save me when I was trying to do all the wrong things.

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Julie Kenner has a New Release

Julie Kenner’s Royal Cocktail is set in the Man of the Month world, but the book is a complete standalone, so you don’t have to know the Man of the Month books to enjoy it.

Sparks fly between a playboy prince and an idealistic lawyer, but when the demands of the throne call, can they get a fairy tale ending?

Prince Leopold of Avelle-am-see is destined to rule his small European country. But he doesn’t want to. His entire life, Leopold has rebelled against the inevitable, gaining a reputation in Europe as a bad boy royal with a chip on his shoulder.

Skye Porter jams on researching complex legal issues, but with her lifelong speech impairment, she’s happy to pass the briefs off to another lawyer to argue. Just the idea of being in the spotlight makes her cringe. Two years ago, she dodged a bullet when her intense college fling with charismatic Leo ended when the bastard ghosted her. At the time, she’d had no idea he was a prince, or she never would have fallen so hard.

Now Leo is back, and the chemistry between them sparks just as hot. With his promise of secrecy, Skye surrenders to one more wild night. But when the press finds them together, Skye is tossed into a nightmare of tabloid photos, graphic memes, and a life in the public eye.

Can a reluctant royal and the girl next door find their happily ever after?

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BROKEN FALCON Releases on October 22nd

BROKEN FALCON (Evidence Series #12) will release on October 22nd! The audiobook will be recorded by both Evidence Series narrator Nicol Zanzarella AND Flashpoint Series narrator Greg Tremblay!

Chase Johnston is leading a double life. After two years of psychological torment, the quiet, highly skilled Raptor operative now has a darker side, and he’s hellbent on bringing sex-traffickers to justice—using any means necessary. At the end of his days as both operative and vigilante, the only relief he finds for his troubled mind is a woman he’ll never meet in person.
Eden O’Keeffe is also leading a double life. By day she’s a grad student and barista, but at night she sits in front of a camera and provides companionship for those seeking entertainment, titillation, or simple conversation. She enjoys the freedom of being a siren online, but her secret career comes with risks that force her to hide her true identity at all costs.
When Chase walks into a coffee shop and comes face to face with the one person who makes him feel again, it seems his long nightmare may be coming to an end. But in entering Eden’s world, he’s bringing that nightmare—and the danger that comes with it—to her doorstep.

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