What A Week!

I’m busy learning all the things at the ROMANCE AUTHOR MASTERMIND conference this weekend. Enjoy this snippet of BROKEN FALCON

Here is a snippet from a scene before Eden learns who Chase really is:

Chase entered the shop, braced for Eden to be put off by seeing him. After all, this wasn’t the same coffee shop where the incident had happened, and she was protective of her information. But she’d also given this as her address, so she knew he had the information legitimately, and it was better than showing up at her townhouse.

She was smiling, though, and it was genuine, so his presence wasn’t unwelcome.

He opened his mouth to say hello, and the word wouldn’t come. It wasn’t his speech impediment that stopped him, it was memories of his last visit to her site.

He wasn’t familiar with navigating the day—or week—after. Especially when only one of them knew what they’d shared.

This was a messed-up situation.

She doesn’t know.

“Hey, stranger,” she said, when he didn’t speak. “You here for coffee, tea…or me?”

He laughed. “Y-you, ac-actually.” He cleared his throat and dropped his voice so she wouldn’t recognize it. Plus it helped with the stutter. “But I’ll take a coffee too.”

She grabbed a ceramic mug—not a to-go cup, he noticed—and held it up. “Just straight drip?”

He nodded and she filled the mug from the ready-made pot and set it on the counter before him. He pulled out his wallet.

“Your money’s no good here. You helped us out last week. Least the owner can do is comp your coffee.”

“It might have been Raptor’s fault there was a problem to begin with.”

“The girl did nothing wrong in having coffee in a coffee shop.” She poured a second mug of coffee and leaned on the counter after taking a sip. “So what’s up? I mean, much as I’d like to believe you’re here for me, I have a feeling there’s more.”

Oh, Eden, you have no idea.

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