Countdown to Covert Evidence

Countdown to Covert Evidence

Covert Evidence releases tomorrow! Because the best way to get my family excited about a book launch is to add explosives, we decided to once again make my book into a rocket and launch it. But this time, because Carolyn Crane, Toni Anderson, and I are celebrating our new releases together with a Facebook party, we decided three rockets would be better than one. Three rockets launching at the same time…what could possibly go wrong?

For the three-rocket launch, we decided it would be safer to do covers only. Huge thanks to my husband, who was in charge of rocket engineering, and to my children, who handled video editing.

My contribution was to print out the covers, cut them to the right size, and work the camera. I was really good at the printing and cutting part. I have a paper cutter and know how to use it. As far as the filming…did you know it’s really hard to film three rockets simultaneously when they all fly off in different directions? Somehow, they didn’t have the same precision as the Blue Angels…

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Our online new release party to celebrate BEHIND THE MASK, COLD FEAR, and COVERT EVIDENCE is Tuesday, May 26th from 1 PM – 7:30 PM Pacific / 4 PM – 10:30 PM Eastern on Facebook.

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To kick off the party a little early, I’m offering a giveaway of the audiobook version of CONCRETE EVIDENCE (Evidence Series #1) on CD over on Facebook.

If you haven’t yet read a book by Toni, or Carolyn, or me, now is a great time to give us a try because all three of us have the first in our series FREE. For download links to our free series starters, visit our websites.

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Crimes of Passion

Crimes of Passion

I’m thrilled to announce Body of Evidence is included in CRIMES OF PASSION, a 6-book romantic suspense bundle featuring strong women who meet their perils–and their men–on their own terms. The entire bundle is only $0.99 for a limited time!If you haven’t read Body of Evidence, this is your chance to get the full book plus five more for only $0.99, and if you have read it, then check out the five other amazing books included in the set!
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Not yet available at Barnes & Noble – the Barnes & Noble link will be posted here as soon as it’s live.
CRIMES OF PASSION: A Crimes of the Heart Collection brings together books by 6 of the most popular writers of romance and suspense today, all in a LIMITED EDITION bundle.


HER SANCTUARY – Toni Anderson
LOOSE ENDS – Terri Reid
LOVE AND SMOKE – Jennifer Blake


BODY OF EVIDENCE (Evidence Series) – Rachel Grant
In North Korea retrieving the remains of GIs, archaeologist Mara Garrett is arrested and sentenced to death for spying. Curt Dominick, an ambitious, infuriatingly sexy US attorney mounts a rescue mission that morphs into an explosive chase across the Pacific. Desire clashes with loyalty when the conspiracy they uncover threatens not only their lives but national security.


HER SANCTUARY (HER – Romantic Suspense Series) – Toni Anderson
Running for her life, ex-FBI agent Elizabeth Ward escapes to the solitude of Montana with a new identity. Nat Sullivan, struggling to keep his ranch from bankruptcy, doesn’t need a beautiful stranger complicating his life. But Elizabeth isn’t what she seems. And when a murderer and rapist track her down, they all discover the power of revenge — and redemption.


TWENTY-EIGHT AND A HALF WISHES (Rose Gardner Mystery – Book 1) – Denise Grover Swank
Rose Gardner’s had visions before, but never of herself dead. When her overbearing momma winds up murdered instead, she’s the prime suspect. Rose makes a bucketlist of 28 wishes, targeting neighbor Joe, with secrets of his own, for #15: Do more with a man. Then her house is broken into, someone else she knows is murdered, and suddenly, dying a virgin in jail isn’t her biggest worry.


LOOSE ENDS (A Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery – Book 1) – Terri Reid
Combining her cop experience with a talent to communicate with ghosts, PI Mary O’Reilly’s big challenge is convincing the handsome police chief she’s not nuts. But when the ghost of a woman drowned in a Senator’s swimming pool 24 years ago points to a connection with the cold cases of five missing girls, Mary becomes a target of a serial killer out to tie up all his loose ends.


LOVE AND SMOKE (Contemporary Collection) – Jennifer Blake
Riva Staulet triumphed over past betrayal to reinvent herself as a woman of wealth and power. Noel has always been a Southern gentleman of rock-solid principle, stalward in his sense of justice. When a ruthless politician from her past resurfaces, Riva must risk utter ruin to prove him a murderer. And as death and disaster loom, Noel must choose to stand with her or against her.


PAST TEMPTATION (Temptation Series) – M A Comley
Until now, Nicole’s main focus in life has been running her successful business while raising her daughter, Sammy Jo, single-handedly. Now, Nicole’s ex-boyfriend, Josh, has turned up determined to rekindle the relationship he ran out on. But before they get the chance to pick up where they left off, Nicole’s personal life is put in mortal danger.


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