CE-FrontCover-r3-2014One year ago today, I announced the release of my debut novel, CONCRETE EVIDENCE, making today my Indie Anniversary! To celebrate, for the next week or so I will be posting giveaways on my Facebook page for print, ebook, and audio versions of great books by authors who have supported me over the past year.

Today’s giveaway is for fabulous books by my amazing and wonderful and supportive KissandThrill.com sisters. To enter the drawing, comment or like the Facebook post. And be sure to check back this week and next for more giveaways.

In addition to the giveaways, I thought I’d share an excerpt from the book that launched my writing career.

“Full of secrets, deadly intrigue and steamy romance. A MUST read.” – Elisabeth Naughton, New York Times Bestselling Author

~ * Excerpt * ~

“If you’re not going to work out, let me use the bag,” Erica said.

Lee shook himself, realizing he’d been staring. “Want to spar?”

She set down the hand weight and studied him.

“I’ll be gentle with you.” He tightened the Velcro straps on his foam gloves.

She smirked and pulled her gloves from her workout bag. “I make no such promises.”

She circled him on the mat, clearly not wanting to waste time with trivial things like rules. Of course, he’d been doing his best to piss her off since they met, so he had it coming.

She feinted left, then kicked high to the right. He blocked the kick and punched, checking his swing so his glove merely kissed her shoulder.

She punched again, and he caught her in a clinch hold to halt a blow and felt the burn of her vibrant energy. She kicked high, and his block knocked them both off-balance. They hit the mat with arms and legs entangled, her body pinned beneath his. She laughed, full, loud, exuberant.

He propped himself on an elbow and gazed down at her. His breath caught. She was so damn beautiful…but it was more than that. It was her brains, her drive, the way she’d faced down a man who obviously scared her. His reaction to her was a problem.

She pushed against his chest. “Let me up.”

Remember your role. “What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid.”

“Liar. Let me take you out. Dinner, tonight.”

“You aren’t my type. I like men who can earn a degree in less than seven years.”

He held back a grin. She didn’t like his character. He could live with that. He didn’t like the intern either. “And I like a challenge.”

This time when she pushed, he rolled back and she got to her feet. “Challenge yourself with the weights, Romeo. We’re done sparring.”

~ * ~

A disgraced underwater archaeologist struggles to salvage her career by recovering stolen artifacts. Yet more than her profession is threatened when she becomes a suspect in a smuggling ring that could destroy a presidential campaign. To survive, she puts her trust—and heart—in the hands of a charismatic security specialist who has a deceptive agenda of his own.

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