BoE cover NEW“An exhilarating read that could easily be a blockbuster on the screen.” – Kirkus Reviews

Body of Evidence

~ * Excerpt * ~

Curt pulled off at a roadside shrimp shack to pick up dinner. As they waited for their food, Mara leaned against him, clearly at the limit of her strength. He draped an arm around her in the sultry darkness, struck by a need to protect her that was almost primal. A seventh-degree black belt, he knew how to send out serious she’s-mine-don’t-mess-with-her vibes. Wearing the skintight T-shirt, a day’s worth of stubble, and standing in his most intimidating stance, there was no way in hell even his closest colleagues would recognize him right now.

“What day is it?” she suddenly asked.

“Here?” Leaning against him as she was, the top of her head rested against his chest, and he enjoyed the way she fit against his side.

“No, in Iceland.”

He chuckled. “It’s a reasonable question. It’s Tuesday in North Korea.” He glanced at his watch. “And Tuesday in DC, but here in Hawai’i, it’s still Monday.”

“Meaning it was Monday when I woke up in North Korea, and it’s still Monday. I’m starting to wonder if this day will ever end, or if I’m trapped forever on the day of my execution.”

He pressed her closer to his side. “You get maudlin when you’re tired.”

She huffed and looked up at him. “I get maudlin when things start blowing up, I get shot at, and my only ally is the man who wants to send my uncle to prison.”

“What, you’re not milking the firing squad anymore?”

Those soft, tempting lips widened in a weary smile. “I’m saving it for the next time you revert to your unpleasant jerky self. Why play my trump card when you’re being civil?”

“I’m sure you won’t have to wait long.”

“So am I,” she said dryly.

~ * ~

When an archaeologist who retrieves the remains of GIs lost in combat travels to North Korea, she never imagines she’ll be arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death by firing squad. Her only hope is the powerful US attorney who must risk the biggest prosecution of his career to save her. With betrayal around every corner, their loyalties—and hearts—are tested as they race across the Pacific and uncover a conspiracy that threatens not only their lives, but US national security.

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