I’m back from a fantastic conference in Hawaii and have a lot of information to share with you!

A Cold Evidence Giveaway at 50 Reviews

When COLD EVIDENCE reaches 50 reviews on Amazon, I’m going to do a giveaway. The prize will either be a silk scarf I purchased at the Makah Museum (http://makahmuseum.com) and was (sort of) mentioned in the book, or a green hoodie I purchased at Hobuck Beach Resort (http://hobuckbeachresort.com). Both are places Luke and Undine visited in the book.

I’m so thankful to reviewers because reviews are such a big help to authors. When we sell books we can afford to keep writing!

*And congratulations to Cynthia, the winner of the Coast Salish design Hummingbird Shawl!

Makah Museum Silk Scarf
Hobuck Beach Resort Hoodie










#TeamLuke or #TeamUndine?

Who do you relate to the most?  Share your opinion with me and other readers on my Facebook page!  https://www.facebook.com/RachelGrantauthor/

From comments and reviews, it’s apparent that some readers are ?#?TeamLuke? while others are ?#?TeamUndine?. This makes perfect sense to me. Luke is cocky and not always nice to Undine in the beginning–with good reason. She unequivocally ruined his life. Undine (Un-deen, for those of you who might be wondering) acknowledges her guilt and fully owns what she did. She deeply regrets her actions and doesn’t blame Luke for hating her. And never once in the intervening years has she hated or resented him.

Team Luke or Team Undine…everyone is right. Neither character is perfect. I didn’t side with either one in the writing, but then, I’m privy to their thoughts in ways others can’t be.

Luke’s back-and-forth feelings toward Undine felt utterly natural to me as he finds a way to let go of a dozen years of resentment and anger. Undine’s attraction mixed with fear of rejection felt equally authentic, as she has every reason to fear falling in love with the one person she’s wronged so badly.


Guest Blogging

I’m delighted to be the February guest columnist for Lonely Owl Books.  If you like reading about authors and their “Ah-Ha!” moments, you might want to check it out!



Goodreads Poll –All Time Favorite FIRST In Series Romantic Suspense

I was so excited to see CONCRETE EVIDENCE made this Goodreads list! Most of the DANGEROUS CONNECTIONS series starters are here. I think they ALL should be on this list but I won’t vote because I don’t want to rate our books against each other!

To check this list out just click on the title above – you may find new favorite authors!