This week I’m working hard on EVIDENCE 7, but I thought I’d take a break to share a fun fondue recipe with everyone.

Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots

I’ve made these several different ways, but my favorite is the fondue method, mostly because I eat fewer (it takes time to cook!) than if I have a plate of them ready to go at once.

You will need:
canola oil
1 package bacon – cut strips in 3rds
1 bag tater tots – thawed
toothpicks or skewers

jalapeño slices
crumbled blue cheese
shredded cheddar cheese
ranch dip/blue cheese dip/catsup

Stove top method:
Wrap bacon around thawed tot and secure with a toothpick (the tot needs to be thawed or it will be hard to pierce with the toothpick). You can return tots and bacon to the freezer if cooking on the stove.

If using jalapeño, wrap bacon around both tot and thin slice of the pepper then secure with toothpick. I’m not a jalapeño fan, so I’ve only made it this way once – both those who like jalapeños loved them.

Fry tots in oil in batches until the bacon is crisp.

Top with cheeses as desired while hot.

Oil Fondue method:
Prep tots without toothpicks and put one or two tots on a bamboo skewer. Do NOT refreeze. Prep several skewers to start and reuse skewers throughout meal. It takes several minutes for bacon to cook in a fondue pot. Chicken and beef can be cooked in the same pot. Be prepared that the cooking oil will be very fatty at the end.

Serve with preferred dipping sauces.12717914_559039954253564_3613423361296872253_n

New Release and Sale Recommendations

Is your TBR pile getting low?  Here is a new release and a great sale to check out:

BORN TO BE WILDE by Jenn Stark is available today! I got to read an advance copy and this book is wonderful, sexy, fun urban fantasy.


THE IDEA OF YOU by Darcy Burke is a bargain for only $2.99! Darcy is one of my critique/plotting partners and her Ribbon Ridge series is amazing! Grab it for this great price while you can.


Giveaway Reminder!

4 more reviews, and COLD EVIDENCE will reach 50 reviews on Amazon! Don’t forget, when it does, I’m going to do a giveaway here. The prize will either be a silk scarf I purchased at the Makah Museum ( and was (sort of) mentioned in the book, or a green hoodie I purchased at Hobuck Beach Resort ( Both are places Luke and Undine visited in the book.

To see the scarf and hoodie, just scroll down to last week’s blog post!

Thank you all for your wonderful support of COLD EVIDENCE!