EVIDENCE Series 5 Year Anniversary


5 years ago this week, my first novel, Concrete Evidence, was published! Look for a giveaway on my Facebook page to celebrate this anniversary!


Which Evidence heroine is your favorite?

Concrete Evidence – Erica Kesling
Body of Evidence – Mara Garrett
Withholding Evidence – Trina Sorensen
Incriminating Evidence – Isabel Dawson
Covert Evidence – Cressida Porter
Cold Evidence – Undine Gray
Poison Evidence – Ivy MacLeod
???? Evidence – To Be Announced

Vote for your favorite HERE.  And join in the EVIDENCE anniversary fun on my Facebook page!





And the hero of Evidence #8 is….

? Sean Logan! ?

Gold stars for readers who guessed a Raptor operative and/or Sean specifically! I’ve been excited to write Sean’s story since he first stepped on the page in Withholding Evidence, the delay was finding the right heroine.




2018 AAR Top 100 Romance Poll


It’s been 5 years since All About Romance compiled a top 100 romances list. Here is your chance to suggest titles and vote for your favorites. Personally, I think there needs to be more romantic suspense on the list.




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Rachel - Firestorm

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