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CIA covert operator Savannah James is after intel on a potential coup in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but she needs a partner fluent in Lingala to infiltrate the organization. Sergeant First Class Cassius Callahan is the perfect choice, except he doesn’t like her very much. He doesn’t trust her, either, despite the sparks that flare between them, fierce and hot. Still, he accepts the assignment even though their cover requires Savvy to pose as his mistress.

 They enter battle-worn Congo to expose the financing for the coup. A trail of cobalt, gold, and diamonds leads them into the heart of darkness, a jungle in which everyone is desperate to find the mother lode of ore and gems. Betrayal stalks them as they follow the money, but Savvy will stop at nothing to bring down the would-be dictator before he can ignite a firestorm that will engulf all of Africa.
Deep in the sultry rainforest, spy and Green Beret forge a relationship more precious than diamonds, but Cal knows Savvy is willing to sacrifice anything—or anyone—to complete her mission. As they near the flashpoint, Cal will have to save her from the greatest threat of all: herself.



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MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY! Today starts the ADDICTED TO DANGER: Grand Opening Giveaway!

The contest will run this whole month and you can enter it in TWO WAYS:

1. ?Commenting on posts all month long?—the more you comment, the more times you’re entered in the giveaway.

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Have you read CATALYST (Flashpoint #2)?


It’s been a while since I’ve posted about CATALYST. Here’s a snippet from the first night Bastian and Brie are together in South Sudan:

After the day Brie had just endured, it was crazy to realize she was stretched out on a grassy hilltop with Chief Bastard, laughing. But it felt right.

Plus, it was so much better than crying. “So. It’s been…quite a day.”

“Yep.” He plucked something from her hair—a twig, probably. Then combed out the short strands with his fingers. “You chopped off your hair,” he said idly, as if this was normal conversation after rescuing a woman from slavery and swamps.

“It’s easier to wash.” She wasn’t about to admit it had anything to do with him. She’d cut off a foot of hair because that was her usual reaction to rejection. No need to feed his ego, which was probably inflated enough as it was.

“I like it.”

She sighed as his fingers scraped her scalp. She was a sucker for scalp massages.

“If anyone told me ten years ago,” Bastian said, “we’d end up on a hilltop stargazing together in South Sudan, coated in mud after having escaped a slave market, I’d have told them they were nuts.”

She laughed. “I think it’s a nutty scenario for any two Americans, but admit we might be a more unlikely pair than most.”

“The second novel in Grant’s Flashpoint series offers intelligent romantic suspense that moves with the urgency of a thriller.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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