Grant Family Adventures

Thursday night we went to a Seattle Seahawks game.  The Seahawks lost to the Oakland Raiders 30-19, but it was a lot of fun to watch the game in person!


WalMart and Kobo, Oh My!


Earlier this week, I went to Walmart to see the new Kobo ebook display. Bestie Darcy Burke‘s book, DUKE OF LIES, is one of a small number of ebooks you can buy in the store!!

I’m very excited by the partnership between Walmart and Kobo! Now all of my books are available at Walmart online, and I love working with the wonderful people at Kobo Writing Life. Plus I absolutely love my Kobo Aura H2O. (It’s waterproof!)

While I was at Walmart I bought a $25 Walmart eBook gift card to give away to one lucky reader through my Facebook page.  The winning comment was by Tina Stuck – congratulations!

Worried that you don’t have a Kobo reader and won’t be able to use the gift card? No problem, download the Kobo/Walmart eBooks App on your tablet or phone.  It’s free!

Click on the below link, select Apps & eReaders, and download your free app!


Read my first Romantic Suspense!


Have you read GRAVE DANGER?
She’s being stalked…
After struggling to recover from a career-crippling mistake, archaeologist Libby Maitland has landed the project of her dreams—a data recovery excavation in a picturesque, historic sawmill town. Tasked with digging up secrets of the town’s founding family, Libby soon learns that nothing in Coho, Washington, is as idyllic as it seems.

She’s barely settled into her new home when suspicious events make her believe she’s being stalked…

Or maybe she’s losing her mind.

Coho Police Chief Mark Colby can’t decide if Libby is crazy or if she has her own twisted agenda, but the deeper he delves into her past, the more intrigued he becomes. Even as he and Libby grow closer, he can’t quite let his initial suspicion go.

When Libby’s life is threatened, they must work together to determine if the truth about her stalker is buried in her past, or if the answers can be found in the layers of the excavation.

AmazonKindle-grey-30  iBooks-30-grey   kobo_white-30   Nook-BN-white-30  google_play_white-30


Love Urban Fantasy? Get this 99c Boxset!


Just 99c! The first three full-length novels of the Immortal Vegas Series by Jenn Stark in one box set, plus an introductory novella. Over 1,000 pages of #UrbanFantasy!

“Hilarious, sexy, and thrillingly high action. GET THIS BOOK!” by NYT Bestselling Author Darynda Jones

AmazonKindle-grey-30  iBooks-30-grey   kobo_white-30   Nook-BN-white-30






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