Where In The World Am I?

I’ve been mostly off social media this week because I’ve been working hard on Silent Evidence during my writing retreat! I’ve read all your comments and hope to reply when I’m settled back in at home. I hope everyone has had a great week!



The Toni Anderson Giveaway

This week I gave away a print copy of Toni Anderson-Author Page‘s COLD BLOODED.  The lucky winner was notified today.  This book is close to my heart because not only is it dedicated to me, my book FIRESTORM makes a cameo appearance. Toni writes gripping, sexy, fast-paced romantic suspense that will keep you up until three a.m.



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Need a Book Recommendation?

How about several dozen?  You guys are the best!  I LOVE reading your recommendations and hearing about your favorite authors and titles.




The Most Popular Post of the Week

We take our cookies very seriously.  Doesn’t everyone?

Chocolate chip variations were the most popular!