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Each week I’m giving away a book on my Facebook page, and this week’s prize is Jenn Stark‘s DEMON UNBOUND.  It’s the exciting start to her Demon Enforcers Series, featuring a demon special ops team led by a warrior who “has seen it all, done it all, killed it all“. But he’s about to meet his match in Maria, a beautiful and dangerous undercover cop.

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And don’t forget to check out Jenn’s latest release!  THE RED KING is the start of her new Wilde Justice Series.  I loved this book, and was delighted to review it!

“Whether you are a longtime Jenn Stark fan or new to her addictive Tarot-themed stories, you will love Sara Wilde’s first adventure as Justice for the Arcana Council! Fast-paced, twisty, and dark but spiced with Sara’s wry humor, this is an intense, satisfying read!”– Rachel Grant, author of the award-winning Flashpoint series


Starting a new job can be murder.

As the first Justice of the Arcana Council in two hundred years, Tarot-reading Sara Wilde is tasked with taking out the most dangerous magic-wielding criminals on the planet. Her first assignment? A killer known only as the Red King, who’s systematically picking off the world’s most gifted magicians in the rollicking streets and storied canals of Venice, Italy, on the eve of Carnevale.

Amidst the festival’s music, masks, and brightly colored costumes, Sara must unravel the truth about a brutal murderer from Venice’s own murky past, navigate the twisting political currents of magicians who seek to rival her own Council, and keep one costume change ahead of a conjurer whose lethal spells could end Justice–permanently. Good thing the diabolically sexy and deeply powerful Magician of the Arcana Council has Sara’s back…if only he didn’t hold so much of her heart as well.

The canals of Venice will run with blood when you deal in The Red King. 



A Throwback Thursday Post!

*Originally published March 10, 2015 on the Kiss And Thrill blog.

This month I have two books out, Midnight Sun (a re-release after being published in the Twelve Shades of Midnight anthology, which is no longer available) released on March 1st, and Incriminating Evidence (Evidence Series #4), which will release on March 24th. By sheer coincidence, both books are set in Alaska. It may sound strange to say it’s a coincidence, but it is. I’ve had versions of Incriminating Evidence in my head and on on my computer since 2010 – and it was always set in Alaska. It was the perfect setting for Alec and Isabel’s story. The inspiration behind Midnight Sun was completely different.

A little over a year ago, the fabulous Robin Perini approached me and asked if I wanted to participate in a paranormal romance anthology with her and ten other authors. Because the story would be paranormal, it couldn’t be connected to my existing books, and I began considering what my contribution to the anthology would be. My first inspiration was a story set in Hawaii, about an archaeologist who comes face-to-face with Night Marchers. The story excited me and I was ready to move forward with it, as we as a group were discussing via email potential titles and themes for the anthology. We settled on the name Twelve Shades of Midnight relatively quickly, and all agreed that something important in each of our stories had to happen at midnight. My Night Marchers story was perfect. I lived in Hawaii for three years — I know the setting well, and my husband worked as an archaeologist there, so the research would be a snap, and the story would be fun to write.

View of Denali National Park

Then one morning, I woke up with the kernel of the plot for Midnight Sun in my mind. Maybe I was inspired by the word “midnight” — I really don’t know — but in the space of five minutes I went from planning to write a novella set in Hawaii to one set in Alaska. Once the idea grabbed me, I couldn’t let it go. I’d only ever visited and conducted archaeological survey in Sitka, Alaska, but fortunately, my husband had worked in Barrow, and he knew other archaeologists who’d worked for a length of time in the Arctic Circle who were willing to answer even the most ridiculous questions (yes, I do need to know what the airport terminal in Kotzebue looks like, and if the vegetation is primarily muskeg…). And so Midnight Sun the story of Sienna and Rhys and an ancient Iñupiat mask, was born. The Hawaii story will be the second in the series, featuring Sienna’s sister, Larkspur (look for it in late 2015).


As I mentioned above, I’ve had the story for Incriminating Evidence in the works since 2010. It was supposed to be the 3rd book in the Evidence Series (and I finished a draft of it in 2012, long before I wrote Withholding Evidence), but one problem I had with the execution of the story was the setting. It was clear to me that I needed to visit central Alaska if I wanted to get it right, so last summer, before tackling a major rewrite, my family and I visited Alaska and explored the area where the story is set.

One of the things I wanted to see while I was there was the forest at night–I knew in the summer it wouldn’t really get dark, but I wanted to see the phenomenon first hand. This photo was taken at midnight in mid-July in Fairbanks – without a flash.

Fairbanks forest at midnight

We were in Alaska for eight days and drove from Anchorage to Fairbanks in a loop, exploring Denali National Park on the drive north (we saw lots of animals including bears, caribou, moose, and a wolf!), and went east for the drive south, where we passed through the setting for Incriminating Evidence.

Denali National Park

En route, we saw salmon spawning, went whitewater rafting–necessary because a glacial silt-laden river plays an important role in the story–panned for gold, and hiked on a glacier.

Matanuska Glacier

I came home from the trip buzzing with ideas. There is no way to see something as magnificent as Alaska in just a week, but we tried.

The final story of Incriminating Evidence is very different from that first idea I plotted in 2010, but it is so much richer, so much better, for having visited the setting which plays a central role in the story. Also, even though there wasn’t supposed to be a connection between my paranormal romance and my 4th Evidence Series book, because they were both set in Alaska (even though hundreds of miles apart) I couldn’t resist slipping one thing in. I can’t wait to hear from readers who catch the connection…


Midnight Sun


Have you read my book MIDNIGHT SUN? It’s a paranormal romantic suspense featuring a prehistoric Iñupiat mask, a haunted museum collections specialist, and a sexy Assistant US attorney!

Here’s a short excerpt:

“You don’t handle the gun like a lawyer,” Sienna said.

Rhys shrugged. “I served in the army prior to law school. Two tours in Iraq as an explosive ordnance disposal specialist. I know guns, bombs, pretty much anything that explodes.”

“That must be why the mask chose you.”

“Chose me?”

“It’s been haunting me for two months. In all that time, it’s never reached out to anyone else until you. I think the mask chose you because you can protect it in a way I can’t.”

He studied her, his body heating at the memory of exactly how the mask had brought them together. He had a feeling it had chosen him to protect Sienna, because the ancient piece of carved wood could, clearly, take care of itself.


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Incriminating Evidence


From enemies to allies…

When archaeologist Isabel Dawson stumbles upon an unconscious man deep in the Alaskan wilderness, her survival skills are put to the test. She tends his wounds and drags him to shelter, only to discover she’s saved the life of Raptor CEO Alec Ravissant—the man who may have covered up her brother’s murder to save his senatorial campaign.

With no memory of the assault that landed him five miles deep in the forest, Alec doesn’t know what to believe when he wakes in the clutches of the beautiful redhead who blames him for her brother’s death, but he quickly realizes he needs her help to uncover the truth about his lost hours.

Isabel never imagined she’d find herself allied with Alec, and he’s the last man she ever expected to find attractive. But the former Army Ranger-turned-politician proves seductively charming, and he’s determined to win much more than her vote. When their quest for answers puts Isabel in the crosshairs, Alec must risk everything—his company, his campaign, and his life—to protect her.

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Everyone was interested in learning more about a location in FIRESTORM.  The palace of former President Mobutu is still standing in the small town Gbadolite, and made an interesting setting for Cal and Savvy’s story![0]=68.ARCwYY0sFZ4tWo8yKNfa5CV8BV-1GxmwXnB1w-VXjm3rAwDw1QmCizT87Ndu7HvAQOSzzCdP1vjj6aiW-Tr8yahnEYgHN335H9148bQ9Y1Uo7Cu5VFuG3t99iEZV7HjzmthrRbIk7ie-z0bBOmtM7ltl4fSu3GIozU7ITgAsaaRcWIafi3JPuw&__tn__=-R