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Congrats to my friend Jayne Ann Krentz for hitting #6 on the New York Times with her new release, The Vanishing!!
I loved this book! ??
Set in the Pacific Northwest, The Vanishing is my favorite kind of paranormal romantic suspense, with great chemistry between Catalina and Slater, and masterful reveals as they race to find Olivia. A thoroughly engrossing read (or rather listen as I enjoyed the audiobook)!!


Decades ago in the small town of Fogg Lake, “The Incident” occurred: an explosion in the cave system that released unknown gases. The residents slept for two days. When they woke up they discovered that things had changed — they had changed. Some started having visions. Others heard ominous voices. And then the scientists from a mysterious government agency arrived…

Determined not to become research subjects in an experiment that no one would explain, the people of Fogg Lake blamed the “hallucinations” on some local mushrooms cooked in a stew that everyone had eaten at a celebration. The story worked. The researchers left town. But now it has become apparent that the weird effects of The Incident are showing up in the descendants of Fogg Lake…

Catalina Lark and Olivia LeClair grew up in Fogg Lake and have been best friends for years. They now own an investigation firm, a business that allows them to use what they call their “other sight” to help solve cases. Things are going well until the night Olivia disappears. Cat frantically begins the search for her friend. When Slate Arganbright, an agent from a shadowy organization known only as The Foundation, shows up, she has no choice but to accept his help.

The duo discovers that someone is hunting the two people who witnessed a murder that took place in the Fogg Lake caves fourteen years ago. The killer was never caught. The witnesses were Cat and Olivia. Someone intends to make both women vanish.

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“Unexpected and intense from the get-go. With irresistible characters, a rare setting and an inventive, high-powered plot, it’s a smartly crafted gem of a story.” – USA Today



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