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If you haven’t read it yet you can read it FREE with the Nook App!! Thank you Barnes & Noble and NOOK for this wonderful opportunity to read the first book in the Flashpoint Series!Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books & winner of the HOLT Medallion Award!While working on the Horn of Africa, archaeologist Morgan Adler’s work and life are threatened, forcing her to make a desperate dash to a nearby US military base to beg for protection. Green Beret Pax Blanchard has orders to intercept Dr. Adler before she reaches the base, and in so doing saves her life, but his responsibilities toward protecting the woman have only just begun….

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“Unexpected and intense from the get-go. With irresistible characters, a rare setting and an inventive, high-powered plot, it’s a smartly crafted gem of a story.” – USA Today




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??????????  I LOVED LOVED LOVED SO CLOSE!!! And now, finally, you can love it too!!! Grab this fun, steamy read from an author who knows how to turn on all the feels!!




?????????? “A beautifully written slow burn romance, jam-packed with sexual tension, snappy dialogue, and a cast of clever and charming characters. Get ready to fall in love with Trey and Auburn!” —Karen Booth, Author of Tempted by Scandal ??????????

? The inn is her life. He needs to tear it down. Where there are sparks … there are fireworks. ?

Auburn Campbell loves Beachcrest Inn. Working there saved her sanity as a teenager and got her back on her feet after a controlling relationship. So when Trey Xavier shows up, threatening to demolish Beachcrest, she’s ready to fight. Nothing riles her up like a hot guy in an expensive suit on a power trip—in the worst and best ways.

Trey screwed up. And now he needs this land deal or he’ll lose his business. He built his company from scratch so he could take care of his family the way his dad never did. But it would be a lot easier for Trey to stand his ground if Auburn didn’t tempt him so badly. He hasn’t wanted anyone like this in a long time. Maybe ever.

After a few days of summer sun, Auburn and Trey are both losing their heads—and maybe their hearts, too. Except they’re both out of practice at losing.

Only one thing’s certain: The Fourth of July in Tierney Bay will have plenty of fireworks this year.

? From So Close ?

She led him toward the back of the shop, where she began pulling things off racks and piling them into his arms. “Go. Try those on.”

“Are you always this bossy?”

She made a face at him. “Only when a rich, out-of-town asshole shows up and threatens to tear down my inn.”

He squelched a smile. “Not your inn. My inn.”

She scowled and gave him a little shove toward the dressing room. “Shut up and get naked.”

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